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Attention Ron Redhead

There is a story circulating on Facebook by the team of the Parliamentary Representative for St. George’s North-east. I compliment his effort, but this assistance should have gone to farmers who actually need the help.

The North East Constituency of St. George is a mixed bag of villages with a tiny middle class, a majority of working class, and an over proportionate of working poor. Included in that mix are a few shopkeepers, farmers and hustlers. Over 60% of the youths in that constituency are unemployed.

Case in point: The Parliamentary Representative is considered a “Hero” or the “go to man” in that constituency. Under the guise of economic transformation and community building, persons affiliated or have connections to the Representative get favourable treatment in that of assistance with building materials and the likes.

My question – How does the Honourable Ron Redhead assess those folks that actually need assistance?

I see poor farmers walking early in the morning going to their lands with a cutlass and a bag struggling. I see poultry farmers scrapping the last dollars to buy feed and maintain their chicken pens. They are not assisted by Hon Ron Redhead.

Then you have the likes of the “So-called La Mode Poultry Farmer. He drives a brand new Nissan Frontier, hires helpers, and Mountain land that sells produce to the Hotels and Supermarkets. Then you give him assistance with his Chicken and duck farm. That farmer lives in another constituency. He can surely afford to bankroll his own farming enterprise.

Mr. Parliamentary Representative, please do your due diligence process and prioritize giving away our taxpayers money to your cronies and friends.

The working and poor farmers of La Mode and the surrounding villages need your help, not the likes of that “poultry farmer.”

You Sir need them if you are to win back your seat for a second term as their Parliamentary Representative.

Concerned Citizen
New La Modian