Arrogance at its best!!!

I am trying to look at the Post-Cabinet Press Briefing with the Minister for Health, Nicholas Steele and Dr. George Mitchell and Dr. Francis Martin.

I am honestly fed up. Mr. Steele comes to the media with an attitude as if to tell the media what they should and should not ask. And the minister comes dressed like he is going to a bar for drinks.

Worst yet, Mr. Steele comes as if he and the ministry and the government are the victims and the public is responsible for that.

The truth is Mr. Steele doesn’t even know that he is probably the most inept and unqualified and irresponsible and arrogant Minister for Health that we have ever had in this country.

People have a right to vent, to ask questions and to demand answers. Mr. Steele, you didn’t vote 4 thousand times to get into Parliament ….people employed you and you have to answer the questions.

Dr. George Mitchell and Dr. Francis Martin should take a look in the professional mirror and remind themselves of the oath and responsibility they signed on for as medical doctors ….and stop being political stooges.

And WHERE IS THE NDC in all this? Step up…speak out…show us that you are worthy of wanting a chance in office. OR MAYBE IT IS TIME FOR A FRESH…..NEW…..GROUP.


National Man

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