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Answers needed Mr. CMO

After reading a message sent out by Mr. George Worme on his arrival at MBIA last weekend, which was then followed by a Press Release put out by The Government of Grenada from which I got the impression that Mr Worme didn’t adhere to the protocols. I then decided to do some research and to delve a little deeper into the Protocols for travelers as well as Citizens entering Grenada.

I visited the website and also found that there were some information not on the website but on the GTA platform.

As part of the protocols there is an Application form for Home Quarantine.

Mr. CEO, this begs the following questions;

Did Mr. Worme fill out and submit this form in keeping with the protocols? Or, did he request any special treatment or favour?

Was Mr. Worme the first Grenadian to submit this application?

Was Mr. Worme’s application received and dealt with? And if so, was it approved or denied?

Was Mr. Worme informed of such approval or denial? If denied, on what grounds was it denied?

Was the protocols changed to exclude this application form? If so, when was it changed?

Can you please inform which part of the protocol did Mr. Worme not adhere to?

Mr. Worme is a Grenadian and has rights and privileges like other Grenadians who were home quarantined.

Some of us know of others who were home quarantined.

He is a public figure who everyone knows and can identify, in the event he ever attempts to break the quarantine. Mr. Worme’s address and place of abode is well known and the authorities definitely will not to travel to St Patrick’s in search of him.

There are reports in the public domain that persons in Government mandated quarantine, leave to go to the shops and supermarkets to get food items and beers to drink, also to borrow and collect cooking utensils before returning to the ‘so called’ quarantine.

By now it is clear that ‘mandated’ quarantine in Grenada is compromised.

How many other persons went missing from these facilities but returned so you didn’t tell us about them?

Can we be so sure they were not among us in the supermarkets or shops?

It appears on the surface that protecting persons from George Worme now takes priority, or is he being punished?

Mr. CMO, you are a Public Officer acting in the capacity as Chief Medical Officer, and should be seen to be carrying out your duties as a professional and not a politician.

Mr. Worme’s application should be dealt with as any other Grenadian. Grenada belongs to All Grenadians not a ‘chosen few’. Why the double standards?

It is a well-known fact that Mr. George Worme is public enemy No1 and that the powers-that-be will do anything to see the back of him. The man has a real and genuine concern for his safety and well being. Which of us wouldn’t be?

Mr. CMO, deal with the matter at hand as a true professional, based on its merit before you, and NOT as a Politician please.

A. Gooding

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