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Andall & Associates

The closing of the chain stores recently, the reason/s and comments made by both the Minister of Finance and Mr. Andall should be given proper thought.

Is/was any of the Mitchell family one of the associates? Why is it that the Andall & Associates outlet on Melville Street sold? It may have been because of financial problems, and since there was a sale and the business owed Government and most likely the Bank/s any one of them would seek their interest and as such the Ministry of Finance/Inland Revenue Department took action at a time when it would hurt if the company failed to meet the demand/s made. As a result among those hurt were the employees and customers.

We all should pay our taxes in a timely manner, but who can doubt that kisses go by favours and at times favours eventually cause problems/hardship.

The fact that it is reported that Mr. Andall had strong objection with the implementation of VAT and the non-payments in part or whole by the company must be taken into consideration; but the law must be adhered to until such time as a change is made.

The argument put forward by Mr. Andall objecting to pay VAT upfront seems very reasonable and the fact that business entities have to service the collection of VAT is a cost to any entity required to do so, but on the other hand if it is not collected upfront and entities are left/required to collect and to pay subsequently the problem of Government collecting same comes into play.

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When the deduction for National Insurance from employees’ wages was first introduced some employers felt that it entailed a cost to them, but eventually the matter was settled to the benefit of many even though some were unscrupulous or delinquents.

Now that the business has reopened, I trust that Andall & Associates have reached an amicable settlement and that the employees will not suffer in any way and as seen most of their customers are happy.

Simeon Green