American racism

Dear Commissioner Martin,

I write to express my deep and sincere gratitude for the assistance of RGPF Officers who were present on Monday, June 8th 2020 at the Anti-Racism Protest Rally outside the US Embassy in Lance Aux Epines, St. George’s.

As I advised you prior to the Protest Rally, our message was clear: unequivocal support for Grenada’s diaspora who reside in the United States and just like we did here in Grenada, are peacefully protesting the racial carnage of America’s hatred toward our African-American Sisters and Brothers.

RGPF Officers and the peaceful protesters outside the US Embassy here in St. George’s shared a spirit of camaraderie that I anticipated given the context of the message that was delivered by Grenadians from all walks of life at the Protest Rally.

I raise my voice in high regard for the professional conduct of the RGPF officers who were our partners at the event in directing traffic and assisting the elderly protestors with aid and comfort.

I am compelled to express warm appreciation for the US Chargé D’affaires, Ambassador Karl Duckworth who telephoned me after the event to lend his support to the spirit and tone of our protest.

Ambassador Duckworth echoed the same sentiments as did the Americans, Germans, Belgian and British ex-patriates who joined the rally with their wives, husbands and children.

The Ambassador and I agreed that the human family is universally outraged at the overt and deadly racism of some police officers in the United States which caused the death of Minneapolis resident, George Floyd.

Ambassador Duckworth’s subsequent public statement was an apt reflection of what is possible when people of conscience speak truth to power. We can indeed meet the headwind of racism and together turn the tide of hatred around the world for the good of all humanity.

Thank you again Mr. Commissioner for deploying your officers at our Protest Rally and working with us to co-ordinate a peaceful gathering of our citizens outraged at American racism and in collective support of Grenadians in the American diaspora.

Kindest Regards
C.Jerry Edwin,
Attorney at Law

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