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Ah fed up

This country is much too political for me.

However, I will not give up my right to speak up on anything affecting me regardless to if the Green or Yellow folks are in power.

As a resident of St. George South-east, our MP, the Hon. Gregory Bowen should really do something to many of the village roads in the constituency.

I know that Mr. Bowen is living somewhere in the Golf Course area which is in South St George and is not seen much in his constituency maybe because of the Covid. I can excuse the MP for not coming around as often as he should.

However, I cannot excuse him for allowing our roads to just deteriorate that you now have to look for the good part in the potholes to use as the road to drive your vehicle.

The honest truth is that I am now forced to pass the back road from town to go to my home close to the St. Paul’s police station.

It is not a good experience passing through the main roadway anymore because of the very bad, bad roads along the way.

Can you imagine if we had cruise ships bringing passengers to the country and the taxi men have to take them to some of the areas like LA Grenade and even up to the Spice place at Laura in St David’s?

The Prime Minister has shuffled the pack so much these days that I do not know if Mr. Bowen is still the Minister of Works responsible for our road network or whether it is the gentleman from Carriacou who is the Minister of Infrastructure.

This should not really matter because whoever is the Minister should be aware of all the terrible roads in the country.

I would not have written this letter if I saw the government was doing something on the Molinere road that break up almost two years now.

I would have easily said that the resources are going to fix the road up there to make life much better for the people on the Western side of the island.

But I cannot do that because nothing is seen going on at Molinere. So it begs the question – what is the government doing to fix all the potholes in our roads which I am told is bad islandwide?

If Mr. Bowen and Mr. Cox cannot do the job at hand then Dr. Keith should know what to do.

The farmers did complain about Yolande Bain-Horsford and her lack of performance as Minister of Agriculture and there was change.

I read last week in THE NEW TODAY that the farmers are now calling Mr. David the Saga Boy Minister so it was like jumping from the frying pan straight into the fire with the change of portfolio.

Mr. Prime Minister, I don’t know what to tell you to do as too many of the ministers are seen as under-achievers and under-performers.

Maybe you should ask the undertaker to come and take away the corpse of these dead horses you have there as Ministers.

The Independent Nationalist