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Addressing national issues

In the recent past, up to this day, two of the main issues occupying the minds of Grenadians are (1) The MNIB and (2) The bad condition of our roads.

Firstly, when I heard the Government statement about the financial burden that the Marketing and National Importing Board has piled on the backs of our people over the years, mainly because of poor management, thereby causing this new government to shuffle and rebrand this entity.

I also heard the Prime Minister’s statement that our food import bill is 400 million dollars E.C. per year, whereas our export is very low and at one time he invited persons to suggest a name for the new entity.

So thinking of all the above, I am hereby submitting this name, “NATIONAL CONSUMPTION and EXPORT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (NCEDA).”

Secondly, addressing the bad condition of our roads. In my view this problem stems from (1) weak foundation and (2) very poor material. So going forward the foundation problem could be fixed by having an engineer on site to supervise the week’s work whenever a road is being built.

Then, the problem with poor material could be fixed this way – when we look at the amount of tyres we dump every year in our landfill, had we ever thought of importing a Tyre-shredding machine that could rip the wire from tyres, then crush the rubber down to the powdered form, then this powder could be mixed with the asphalt when surfacing the roads.

This will have two benefits – longer lasting surface of the roads and a more tyre friendly road-network because of the rubberised road surface that vehicles will be driven on.

Michael Modeste