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Over the centuries the world over have experienced numerous plagues: Malaria, Tuberculosis, Polio, Swine Flu, Chikungunya, Cholera, Dengue and now Covid-19. Whenever any of those emerge and not arrested early, there is much health problems and deaths.

Not many years ago as a result of natural disaster in Haiti, assistance was sent there only to realise that Cholera was brought in there resulting in infection and deaths.

While one may feel that I am stretching this matter of sanitation that is the proper disposal of sewer at the La Calome and Mt. Rush too far, the fact is these problems exist and while it is said that remedial steps were on the way we continue to learn of the sufferings of the residents.

Also there seems to be no end of a similar problem in the Carenage area known as “Shit Pan Alley.”

Where are our engineers and professionals who ought to ensure that the necessary standards are met? In putting down a building where septic tank/s are to be used, one expects that the number of occupants likely to use such a facility must be taken into consideration for adequate storage room, proper soak away and all that goes with it.

The situation at both of those Housing Schemes begs the question – why is it that those residents are made to suffer such hardships? NAWASA is not responsible for that, so who is? At least the Ministry of Health is responsible for all matters of health and should not be allowed to get away with shirking its responsibility and as such must address the situation before it results in a possible epidemic – Cholera.

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Also the Carenage situation where it is evident that a bigger main line is needed along the entire Carenage from Burns Point to Matthew Street.

Mr. Minister of Health, Mr. Parliamentary representative for the city of St. George’s, although remedial measures are undertaken, the situation remains the same up to 17th October, 2020 when NAWASA crew was again there at work.

At the Education Complex at Tanteen, St. George’s where a sewer system – Septic Tank – constructed in the 1940’s to facilitate the soldiers and is being used by over 800 students and other persons, I have never heard of cleaning/emptying of that system. Why?

Things seems to work well there, if that is a fact then it could be a pattern that can/should be employed at the Housing Schemes.

Covid-19 is with us and while some people continue to act irresponsible causing scarce resources to be channelled to manage that situation to the detriment of patients who need PSA tests and cannot get it done at the Government Laboratory for months, have to beg for assistance in order to pay over two hundred and ten dollars plus for a test which they have to do every three months for at least a period of nine months.

In addition to those, there is a blocked drain at the entrance to the General Hospital for months facilitating the accumulation of water, a perfect place for the breeding of the Aides Aegypti mosquito, the carrier of the Dengue germ.

Mr. Minister of Health, Dengue is already here, have the drains cleared NOW!

Simeon Green

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