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Accept the vaccine as the gift of God

There is so much Brainwashing against the Covid-19 Vaccine!. So many clips on the Social Media that are simply not true. They need to be examined and refuted.


(1). It is putting the “Mark of the Beast” on us .Those who take the Mark of the Beast, from prophecy (Revelation 13 16-19) will not get to heaven. I believe that, but I am sure that the Vaccine is not it. It will be put on the forehead or right hand, not injected

(2). They’ are taking our DNA. It is scientifically impossible to ‘clone’ us, and how would it be useful? Not True.

(3). ‘They” are injecting us with water- This would kill all of us, immediately, so is demonstrably Not True.

(4). Vaccines give children Autism. This has been shown not to be true.

(5). It gives men “Impotence’. This is also simply not true. Look for other causes – e.g. often Mumps, so vaccines should have been taken.

(6). Vaccines are Experimental. It is not. We had the benefit of dedicated people who foresaw the pandemic and were already working on a vaccine, when they realised that because they had a lot of funds, they could do stages simultaneously that normally have to be done one stage after another.

They did not “plan” the vaccine, they say it was inevitable. There are always pandemics, they are not new. They planned to deal with it, and produced the vaccine quickly. It is worthwhile to read History of Oxford Astra Zeneca on the Internet. Millions have taken the vaccine perfectly safely.

(7). Gives blood clots. There have been very few cases among millions. But persons can take the vaccine in consultation with doctors and take medication to stop this from happening.

(8). People who take vaccines will die after 2 years. NO Deaths from the Vaccine. Any death would have taken place in any way, and was not caused by the Vaccine. Remembering the Tuskeegee Experiments, the dreadful thing was that the people who took part were not asked to be part of the experiment. They did not know they were being experimented upon. BUT it should be remembered that those who died were those in the group that did NOT take the new Antibiotic. Those who TOOK it, their lives were saved.

Christians prayed to God about this pandemic. God’s answer is the Vaccine. So we should accept it and be saved from the very bad sickness and long Covid, and death. To be stubborn is not a virtue, it is Idolatry according to the Bible.

NORMAL is not coming back, but JESUS is. So let’s Thank Him., and accept God’s gift to heal our land.

Heather Sylvester
Fully Vaccinated