“A serious environmental and health issue”

The Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell
Prime Minister
Municipal Buildings
Botanic Gardens

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Neighbour from hell

I am writing on behalf of the residents of Radix Avenue who are in desperate need of your government support to remedy what is a serious environmental and health issue facing us in Radix Avenue.

As I am sure you will appreciate we do not have an active parliamentary representative here in St George North East Constituency therefore, we have decided to appeal to you directly with the hope of having something positive done urgently.

Our problem is two fold, Dogs that are allowed to roam the Avenue like a pack of wolves 24/7 and loud Ghetto type music from a man that rents a ground floor apartment at the top of the Avenue who apparently is a dog breeder and has his own private business.

The dogs (at least 7) are allowed to roam the road day and night barking and howling at high pitch which is most noticeable at nights. Such disturbance is most annoying in as much as they keep the neighbourhood awake. This in turn is affecting the quality of life of individuals especially those living close by.

The animals are also causing a health risk as they deposit their body waste on the road which is left to be carried along the road by vehicles and pedestrians alike – an environmental and public health risk.

The owner of the dogs and business (a man) has been spoken to about his loud music and the behaviour of his dogs. He has to date limit the decibel of his music but has completely ignored the residents plea to control his dogs by keeping the gates to the entrance of the property closed to confine his animals.

We understand that the property is owned by a family member of a former Senator and Minister in your government from 1999 to November, 2014 when she retired from frontline politics.

Prime Minister, we would be eternally grateful if arrangements can be made for environmental services to intervene on the grounds of public health, public safety and wellbeing also as this is an anti-social behaviour issue.

We also believe that your former Senator and Minister could be influential in sorting this issue out since the individual involved is a tenant of a family member.

Please help! Thanking you.

Winston Strachan

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