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“A pinch of salt”

Permit me a space in your widely read Newspaper to share some thoughts on the views of a regular contributor to your paper – the Special Correspondent. I am an avid reader of the articles although I do not share all of the views.

Clearly, the writer has some good ideas and appears to have access to information or persons within the Government given his pronouncements. He or she also comes across as a clear sympathiser of the current Administration.

However, it would seem that whatever agenda he/she is pushing is not supported by the current crop of leaders within the NDC. Why wasn’t the Special Correspondent given a role as a Transition Lead or an Advisor to help get the transition right or help shape policies. Instead he or she is sitting on the sidelines criticising the performance of the Transition Leads and the government by extension. Why have they not acted on his many suggestions, and quite rightly so?

A case in point is the call in his or her Article published in the New Today weekly edition of 4 November for a former senior public officer to be returned to the public service to lead the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) and external resource mobilisation in the Ministry of Economic Development.

This is one among many other utterances where I believe this Individual has been living under a rock and should not be taken seriously. Are you mad?

The writer should do a little digging into the record of this individual while in the same position he or she is advocating for him to be re-instated and even elevated and he (the writer) would cover their head with a pigtail bucket or crocus bag as Kem Jones would put it.

Ask Keith, Louison, and many others who were closely associated with this individual under the NNP rule. Ask Nazim who brought him back from “exile” during the 2008-2013 period under the NDC rule and quickly had to distance himself as Minister of Finance from the individual.

Ask Fedee, the St Lucian National who was in charge of the Grenada Rural Enterprise Programme (GREP) and the Market Access and Rural Enterprise Programme (MAREP), who himself was a very questionable character.

The new Administration would be well advised to take every bit of unsolicited advice from this writer with a pinch of salt. It is clear to me that this person is pushing their own personal agenda that is incongruent with the transformative agenda.

A word to the wise.

The Country Man