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A new page for NDC

The next important event for Grenada will be the NDC Convention on March 5th.

As of convention, I can recall the disunity of the past, something I hope will be left behind. But what I will never forget was what happened at the famous Convention at SAASS where George Brizan and Francis Alexis were vying for leadership of the NDC party.

Also, the so-called Caretaker from South East St. Andrew physically pulled out a chair from beneath an observer who was invited to the Convention, saying to him, “You are a Gairyite and are not welcome here”.

Then the man from St. Paul’s, saying to a dedicated supporter, “you are a Public Servant and should not take part in politics”.

I am saying all that, to show you the mindset of NDC leaders of the past. I do hope the party has left those old ways behind.

There are people in our society who mean well for our Country but will not come forward because they don’t feel they will be welcome.

Let’s hope that’s not the case today. The party, hopefully, will be turning a new page.

NDC Observer