The New Today


A new beginning

In the land of spice where everything’s nice, party NDC carries the political heist.. Unaware of the flight from the right honourable, the local “Papa Doc” remained in a painful sight since that fateful twenty third night.

The carpet swung in direct opposition to his plight, suddenly he is agape, rape … rape proclaims his human right, he’s left with five. Interestingly, five is meant to be lowered incrementally.

Now in a trance and with age in advance, the field around is deserting his grasping political stance. It’s the sudden jolt of delmatisation which is creating havoc in his mind.,

Oh! How the spectra of arrogance now shines! Yet, time has a way of bringing joy where there was fear or disdain. Suddenly from nowhere, a new kid- on-the-block comes out of the cracks. WOW, what a Smack! no, a Whack.

But history is replete with such kinds, whence their future is going, going, gone… and never satisfied with the new political brawn.

Let it be said he fought the fight and succumbed to the battle then finally lost his political Galleon only to be replaced by a spirited Stallion. As it comes around, fifty years is indeed an awesome milestone which the writer witnessed from inception in 74 to 24.

What a great period of time in Grenada history to have had the God-given opportunity to observe, first hand. One that crystallised, enhanced and portrayed the inherent beauties of the remarkable Isles of Spice.

A land of great promise for its people, a future that is fertile, a leadership imbued with the essence of moral rectitude and a culture of GOD consciousness, indeed, an essential component of nation building.

Hail Grenadian! … Now that your land is independent for fifty years, what is your calling? For, in the annals of human history, fifty speaks to maturity. The time is now, not later, but now… to sharpen your axes, engage your ploughshares, subdue your weighty egos, use your talents for innovation and creativity and get to work… cleaning, painting and building the sidewalks where you once use to lime, a relic of the past.

It is the time to improve our health … mental and physical, to reduce or abstain from hallucinatory substances. They are harmful to body, mind, soul and the nation’s health sector. You can ease its current burdens, not add to it. It is a form of “patriotism” if you can give up bad habits for the national good, to advance productivity and work ethics.

No administration can do-it- alone. Let sobriety be the order of the day by putting to rest that thirst for a drink. The developed nations did not reach their advanced state of modernisation by being intoxicated by drugs, they needed a clean bill of health, a stable mind to imbibe that get-up-and-go spirit before the rising of the sun, much like the industrious people of Singapore and Taiwan.

In the years ahead, in the face of global uncertainty, you may be required to be self-reliant. Growing what we eat and eating what we grow is fundamental to reducing foreign exchange leakage and what if war is the cause for limited cargo arrivals.

It is the tools for development in your hands that will make the difference in building furniture out of bamboo for export, making trinkets from local corals, sewing colourful scarves to put out on display and weaving/painting coconut hats, some for the male, female and the kids.

The watchwords are primarily, creativity and productivity, as is time management which must be endorsed by every public, private, union, civic and ecumenical leader. Rehashing these fundamentals overtime can bolster the impact nationally.

And with the advent of oil and gas, our petroleum engineering students should already be enrolled in sufficient numbers whilst the selected young can be sent to the Maraquibo fields or the newly found Exxon sites in Guyana.

That said, let’s make our New Year’s resolution utterly meaningful by changing course to a sustainable and purposeful lifestyle for the good and betterment of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

The “doh watch that” attitude has expired. It is now a new beginning. AMEN.

The Wicket Keeper