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A legal let down

It is not just the question of practicing within the legal framework, namely (**”para legal services”**) Worse yet the words, big and bold states Real Estate! Hence, how on earth, the same individual disbarred for the same Real Estate (**sale and not surrendering $, to victims,”**) could ever be selling Real Estate, again?

Why would such an individual be practicing, or, be allowed a license to sell Real Estate, in the very field she has, long been scamming victims? Would she not be more proficient at her craft, now? How being a lawyer could (**”she herself now downsize, her own, once legal profession, to (**”paralegal services,”**), the similar, (**”legal”**) services, but just add (**”para”**), and flourish, at citizens expense?

Surely that still is in the intellectual, the reasonable thinking minds, suggesting the avenue is still definitely within the realm of (**”legal capacity.”**)

Then, yet, is the loophole in the justice system, not enabling her to continue to work within that same realm, prolonging her scourge on unsuspecting victims?

Why, when the wrong re: Real Estate happens to be the very area, in which she has also scammed individuals, be allowed, under new, but related services?

Surely the (**”the piecemeal solution”**), meant to be justice rendered to her exploits/victims, does not have (**full legal teeth, and, or remain useless, because, as of now, she is (**”freer,”**) to still carry on her scam, c/o that major loophole, invited by the legal system.

Then by simply adding Associates to this (**”Be War”**) firm, means maybe, additional folks would be involved in this new (**”semi-schemish endeavour.”**).

Then how many of the (“**known non-court-highlighted victims,”**) whose situation was not identified, tried, via the court system, still remain in her hands for further perpetuation of her mal-practice? How, why be allowed to go on as has been done in the past?

Why now c/o of a judicial, legislative loophole should she carry on as usual? Why not have a legal-disciplinary-legislative criteria to block such astute, sleek individuals like her from circumventing the systems, to repeat such crime. Supervision, as in probation, must be done. Yes, to check and balance the pitfalls, period.

Must not have such unsupervised ones, yet continuing to work, practice in that semi-legal sector. NO! Being a wrongdoer, in the field, Real Estate, cannot be accepted as though she did no gross wrong before.

All these issues surely leave citizens to wonder what is justice? Is it just a practice run in the name of justice, without penalty being felt, and duly exercised by Supreme Courts.

Now citizens would claim the tighter the alleged squeeze, the better this attorney emerges! Yes, the better she circumvented her squeezing of the court’s and legislative loopholes, (**let alone presenting to “lookers-on” a complete mockery of Grenada, the OECS, the entire judicial/legal system**).

Court must literally walk in the shoes of the victims to understand the gravity of legal wrongs on victims! Why did victims even bother? Was the effort, just to invite “test-runs”, to have victims endure stress, suffering, waste of repeated valuable time, only to see the unscrupulous attorney rise, again, a free, (**” a happy go lucky, go forward pusher, with the same avenues, she literally scammed many with?”**) Come on!

How could Grenada, Caribbean be signatory to Basic Human Rights, and citizens question GRENADA’S , OECS COURT SYSTEMS, UPKEEP, TO THAT GLOBAL TREATY?

Why ever the many heavy duty, realistic questions cited! Harm is real, stress, pain, disruption of economic life are unbearable, adding to the status of irreparable, unnecessary harm.

Lifestyles are definitely economically disrupted too! How are these many wrongs cited, are to be made right in the eyes, and hearts of real hurting, and already hurt citizens? That is the answer, resolution needed to questions!

Please let us know by resolving, just judgements, legislation, all loopholes, are shut, to curb such scourges in our land, period.

Thanks, on behalf of all the hurting, and ones who are likely to succumb to such legal, bandits, blight. Citizens know, that based on their experiences, many are yet to be unravelled, for (**”schemish legal, mal-practice.”**)

God, please, help justice, to be fully real for citizens! Thanks! Amen and Amen!

The Puzzled One