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A breadth of fresh air

It was not by chance that the launch of The Grenada Movement (TGM) from a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) to a political party was held on Monday, August 2d 2021- EMANCIPATION DAY.

The significance of the date of this occurrence in my view – was not lost on the majority of Grenadians who are praying for the rescue and redemption of poor Grenada from the clutches of the NNP administration.

The launching ceremony was held with a measure of class, accompanied by a cultural rendition especially that of the creole dancers – was superb, while the speeches bore testimony to an aggrieved society.

The location of the event at the Beaulieu Centre and the WPG-10 media coverage combined – offered a neutral social environment, not coloured with green, yellow or red, thus signaling the beginning of a new, and hopefully a progressive and equitable dispensation for the benefit of All Grenadians – and not a club for politicians to enrich themselves at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE.

From all appearances the launch of TGM was greeted generally with euphoria, and the expectation is that the time has come for a United Front (a coalition) of all opposition parties including the NDC to come together as a United Force to replace the NNP neocolonialist government, and bring us back into the 21st century – “as a people in more than name,” who are capable of making a valid contribution to the evolution of our Caribbean civilisation.

Roberts’s recent policy paper in August refers to a coalition as a “political gamble,” which in my view is worthy of taking, in order to break the NNP stranglehold on Grenada.

This said, there was a political and social commentator – who, a few days after the TGM launch, was heard to say on one of the T.V evening news, that the political leader of TGM – namely Dr. Patrick Antoine, was not a suitable candidate to lead a political party because of his long affiliation with Dr. Mitchell – and there was no need for another party who’s ambition is to replace Dr. Mitchell as Prime Minister (words to that effect).

The natural law of inevitability predicts however that Dr. Mitchell as Prime Minister would be replaced sooner rather than later. ‘

This same commentator, who was the Chief of Staff to former NDC Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, was the leading voice in condemning Nazim Burke to the NDC leadership leading up to the 2018 general election, which in my view contributed in some measure to the NDC defeat in not winning a single seat on two consecutive occasions, which heralded the controversy within the party in a leadership squabble, even as Hon. Tobias Clement join forces with the NDC bringing about the beginning of what could be a winning coalition.

ln my view, an alternative and enlightened way forward is the coming into being of the TGM. The feature address by Dr. Antoine, expressed in a very compelling diction the alms and objective of the party, while contrasting his presentation with the undemocratic governance of our country under the NNP, where the public is afraid to voice their concerns in matters affecting them to the politicians, who were elected to represent them.

What is now required, at this stage of Grenada’s political crisis, is a formula for an alternative and enlightened way forward instead of unproductive condemnations, while we barely keep our heads above the stagnant waters of the NNP swamp.

Dr. Antoine’s address – without going into the myriad of differences between the NNP style of outdated governance over the last 25 years or so, resulting in the present state of Grenada’s parlous political, social and economic affairs – and what is on offer by TGM; brings hope and forward looking thoughts to the people, and more especially the youth, in a Grenada where there will be opportunities for All and not only for the privileged few with political connections, as now obtains in the frustration and despair of the ordinary Grenadians, seeking a place in the sun, long-denied for themselves and their families.

It is time for the silent voices of the masses to be heard. The 20,000 Grenadians who refused to vote in the last general election are now patriotically and morally bound to cast their vote in the rescue mission of our country.

It happened recently in St Lucia where the former Prime Minister barely regained his seat, as the St Lucians sent him and his party packing into oblivion; while in St Vincent a similar scenario is unfolding.

The wind of change has at last begin to reach the lsle of Spice and as Marryshow – in Grenada’s golden age once opined – “men of thought and men of action clear the way,” which is also applicable to our brothers and sisters in the diaspora as the moment of reckoning approaches.

Let TGM not be bamboozled, into believing (thinking) that the journey ahead would be smooth, as the oppressor will be unleashing all the powers in his possession to derail the movement, not excluding the control of the electoral process (rigging).

Grit, steadfastness and sincerity of purpose will be the name of the game moving forward, as victory at the next general election in 2023 beckons.

This is why the call is now urgent, that WE THE PEOPLE and more especially the youth – must come to the rescue of our country, by initiating the PASSING PARADE, in order to usher in a new dispensation which empowers our people in an equitable, prosperous and a just society (Paradise Regained).

Norris Mitchell