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Chief Executive Officer 

Grenreal Property Corporation

Applications are invited for the post of Chief Executive Officer 


Grenreal Property Management Corporation (GRENREAL) is a legally established real estate company which began operation in 2005.  GRENREAL provides real estate and property management services.

Grenreal seeks the services of a Chief Executive Officer – (CEO) to manage its operations from its headquarters in St George’s Grenada.

  1. Grenreal. The Chief Executive Officer shall be responsible for the general and active management of the affairs of GRENREAL, subject to the supervision and control by the Board of Directors (the Board).  The Chief Executive Officer shall be based in St George’s, Grenada, and shall have the specific duties set forth herein and such other duties as the Board may from time to time prescribe.
  2. Reporting to the Board and Participation in Board Meetings.  The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for reporting to the Board on activities of GRENREAL and be the Corporate Secretary.  The Chief Executive Officer shall ensure that appropriate expertise is available to assist at Board Meetings.
  3. Reporting to the Chairperson of the Board. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for promptly, regularly and fully informing the Board through the Chairperson about the current affairs, activities and finances of GRENREAL, including progress on strategic initiatives.
  4. Authority to sign contracts.  The chief Executive Officer generally prepares or cause to be prepared and signs contracts, leases, tax returns, agreements, applications and all other written documents of behalf of GRENREAL, subject to any approvals by the Board.
  5. Liaise with Government organizations, entrepreneurs, business and media.  The Chief Executive Officer generally represents and promotes GRENREAL’s interest in day to day dealings and ongoing liaison with representatives of the Government of Grenada; local and international entrepreneurs, local and international businesses and local and international media.
  6.  Marketing. The Chief Executive Officer collaborates with members of the Board to plan and agree on the future Marketing strategy for GRENREAL. A significant amount of the Chief Executive Officer’s time would be devoted to the development and implementation of GRENREAL’s Communication and marketing strategy.  The Chief Executive Officer shall research and identify potential partners, meet with and make presentations to partners, prepare proposals to potential partners and negotiate the terms of agreements, prepare reports and resolve any issues raised, and travel in connection with the foregoing efforts.  The Chief Executive Officer Is responsible for developing written marketing materials, including brochures, pamphlets, letters and information/promotional materials.
  7. Preparation of plans, strategies, budgets and RFPs.  The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the development and implementation of long term strategic plans, annual operating plans, internal operations manuals and policies and annual budgets, prepared by the Chief Executive Officer and other staff for consideration and approval by the Board.  The Chief Executive Officer monitors/evaluates progress towards goals, provides statistical reports, on an ongoing basis and as requested by the Board or its Chairperson, and suggests/requests appropriate assistance and advice from Board members.
  8. Hiring and Supervision of Staff.  The Chief Executive Officer generally hires the other staff of GRENREAL based on Board approved budgets and authorization, prepares work plans for each such staff, supervises the proper performance of their duties, evaluates and (if necessary) terminates other staff.
  9. Maintaining financial records and accounts.  The Chief Executive Officer ensures the proper preparation and maintenance of financial records and accounts of GRENREAL, either directly or by supervising other officers and staff who may be charged with that responsibility.


All candidates for Chief Executive Officer must provide evidence of the following skills and abilities:

  1. An undergraduate degree from a recognized university is required, and in addition, a MBA or other related graduate degree is preferred.
  2. At least 3 years of experience in a similar position.
  3. Demonstrated skills, experience, and success in Business development and marketing with an emphasis on mall management
  4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to work with senior government and business officials.
  5. Be a highly energetic, self-starting, entrepreneurial and creative individual who can express ideas, recognize opportunities and communicated goals and objectives clearly.
  6. Exemplary verbal and written skills in English.
  7. An ability and willingness to travel internationally.
  8. Demonstrated organizational and management experience in administering staff, developing and implementing a detailed budget and other resources.
  9. Experience working with and reporting to a Board of Directors, interacting with Board members and submitting memoranda and reports thereto.
  10. Familiarity (or the ability to quickly achieve familiarity) with mall management and related activities.

Appointment: The Chief Executive Officer shall enter into an employment agreement with GRENREAL.  The Chief Executive Officer’s position will be contracted on a bi-annual basis.  Provided he/she continues to meet and/or exceed the above described tasks as set by the Board, as set forth in the employment agreement, this contract will be renewed.  An annual review and evaluation will be concluded each year and will be the basis for the Chief Executive Officer’s continuing appointment, salary increases, promotions, etc.


Negotiable and commensurate with qualification and experience.


PO BOX 1950