Very insensitive!!!

A wide cross section of Grenadians have become incensed with the arrival Tuesday at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) of a private plane from Mainland China, which is now the subject of the deadly Coronavirus.

The people are quite rightly suspicious of the plane since it landed sometime around 2.30 a.m when the airport is already closed for the night.

The government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has given some details about the visit of the plane and that is to bring Business Officials to the island.

As far as THE NEW TODAY is concerned this is “very insensitive” and sends the unfortunate message that the ruling New National Party (NNP)

administration is prepared to put the mighty dollar above the health and welfare of the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The world is now a little global village unlike the 1990’s when news from one part of the world to another took several days and weeks to make the rounds.

Almost everyone on this island gets information at the drop of a pin and fully aware that inside China itself, the authorities have taken many draconian measures to contain the spread of the killer virus by placing a number of provinces under 24-hour lockdown including Wuhan where the first person was first impacted.

The Chinese have also taken other actions to prevent people in critical areas from travelling including measures to curtail activities marking the important New Year holiday.

This is a very big thing in China as it is that one time of the year in which family members gather together to eat a meal to usher in the New Year.

Several other countries like the United States, Britain and Australia have taken important action to protect their citizens living in China.

British Airways has suspended flights into China at a time when Grenada is allowing a plane from China to land on its shores.

The United States and France have chartered flights to take out their people especially diplomats in coronavirus contaminated areas within China.

Russia, which shares a border with China, is taking steps to bring home its citizens from neighbouring China.

The Chinese have a long history of being very secretive and will only tell the world what they feel that they should know.

It’s been reported that it took the authorities in China nearly three weeks to inform the world about the outbreak of the deadly virus as their medical personnel sought to battle it all on their own.

This newspaper recalls the terrible events on Tiananmen Square in 1989 when the communist rulers sent in the army to quell disturbances started by university students in which thousands of people lost their lives.

Today, no one knows the exact amount of persons who were killed by the Chinese army on the historic Square in Beijing and what became of the remains of several of them.

This is just part of the way the Chinese operate and the world cannot be too sure with the official figures being put out by Beijing on the number of persons who died or fell ill from the coronavirus.

The Mitchell-led government should have been far more sensitive to the fears of its own people by asking the so-called Chinese Business Officials to delay the trip until the situation is normalised.

The reality of the situation is that Grenada is not in a position to deal with an outbreak of the deadly virus on its shores.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to make some passing comments on the week of violence in the country especially with the use of illegal guns.

This paper has articulated before that Grenada is showing growing and increasing signs of becoming a lawless society.

Unfortunately, the lawmen have allowed a drug culture to take root in some sensitive political areas especially in the St. George North-west constituency of the Prime Minister and the town of St. George of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

There are elements in some parts of the country who feel because of their political support for certain politicians in the country that the police have no right to interfere in their business – whether legal or illegal.

And what is more unfortunate and sad is that some members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) do not want to venture into some of these places and stamp out the illegal activities including drug peddling for fear of reprisals from the very politicians.

A country that turns a blind eye to drugs and guns will eventually reap what it is sowing.

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