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Two years after!!!

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is this week marking the second anniversary of its stunning victory at the polls in June 2022 against the New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell, the most successful Grenadian leader in general elections over the past three decades.

Congress has a lot to thank its new political leader Dickon Mitchell for especially coming at the right time onto the political landscape and snatching the initiative from an aging and tiring leader who was into his last days on the national stage.

Operatives of the NDC have been circulating a list of their so-called achievements in office over the past 24 months and boasting that no other government in the history of Grenada has done so much in such a short space of time.

THE NEW TODAY is urging the new kids on the block “to cool it” as many of them were not even born to experience the tremendous achievements of the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) of late Marxist Prime Minister Maurice Bishop during the 1979-83 period.

It is true that government is a continuum but Congress did not initiate many of the programmes on their list of achievements as several of them started under the former NNP regime.

What the NDC did and should be credited for, is the manner in which they took over and handled some of these projects that the Keith Mitchell-led government did a terrible job in bringing into fruition due to its poor implementation record.

The new government should take all the credit for going into the heartland of the NNP in St George North-west and kick-starting the Molinere land slippage which was an embarrassment under the former rulers.

Linked to this project which the whole of Grenada should be very proud of is the rescue mission undertaken by NDC to get the British government to recommit some of the “lost funds” from under NNP for two critical projects – the Western main road rehabilitation and the Southern water project.

The fact of the matter is that the funds for the road project has been lost but Congress under its leader, Dickon Mitchell was able to get London to recommit some of the funds for the water project from St John’s to deep into the south of the island.

The NDC kept one of its major campaign promises which helped to destroy the NNP at the polls – the payment of the Pension to retiring public officers.

THE NEW TODAY is urging the NDC to quickly come out of its celebratory mood and start to address some critical shortfalls in the past two years.

The Dickon Mitchell-led regime should admit that both the government and party did a very poor job in the area of Public Relations.

The Prime Minister should pull aside his trusted lieutenant Orlando Romain who is a top rated and talented person in the Creative industry and urge him not to offer himself to hold onto the position of Public Relations at the next Convention of the party.

The NDC has been found badly lacking and wanting in the area of Public Relations and the Government Information Service (GIS) is still operating as a leftover from the old regime and the promised transformation has not been seen at all.

The same applies to the NDC as a party as nothing much is happening in the area of PR and that might be correct as Congress is dysfunctional as a major political party in the country.

The NDC as a party also needs to sit down with the Prime Minister and call for a serious restructuring of the Government Information Service (GIS) in order to highlight the programmes and projects of the government.

There is a need for synergy between the GIS and the multitude of PR persons in each and every government ministry and for consideration to be given to the appointment of a Chief of Staff who can handle many things and allow the Ministers to concentrate on their duties.

The former Prime Minister Keith Mitchell had many shortcomings as a leader but he was clear on one thing and was very astute in winning five elections out of an understanding that the party structure has to be well-oiled, put in place and made to run effectively to take him across the poll on Election Day.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell should not fall prey given the title placed on him in recent days by Barbadian political analyst and pollster Peter Wickham that he has become a “colossal political figure” in the country.

There is a saying that one swallow does not mean that winter is at hand and the Prime Minister should understand that fully.

The current Congress leader is young, full of energy and the like but is still some distance away in walking up the ladder to sit alongside Eric Gairy and Maurice Bishop as national leaders of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

Prime Minister Dickon should also understand that NDC’s best route to winning the next election depends on its performance in about 6 of the nine seats in that important corridor on the election map.

Serious consideration should be given to using some of the CBI funds from the sale of passports to bolster support in the rural areas especially in that important corridor between St David’s and into the two parishes of St Andrew and St Patrick and to a lesser extent in St Mark but more so in St John.

It will be all over for Dickon Mitchell and Congress if the NNP leaves that corridor with six or seven seats in the next general election.

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