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Time to shake up National Security!!!

THE NEW TODAY is very concerned about the National Security of the state of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell is the Minister responsible for National Security and should get a proper team of Advisors around him to relook the current policy and strategy that might be in place to protect the well-being of all Grenadians.

The volley of shots that were fired on 4-Roads over the weekend is a clear manifestation about the lack of leadership in National Security and in particular with the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to take steps to control the situation.

4-Roads has been a menace for several years now but the situation has been allowed to deteriorate beyond acceptable levels in a modern society like ours.

The Police Force is failing the nation in taking back “the turf” from those elements who are now in control of the territory in this small enclave in the city which is loyal to former government minister Peter David.

It is clear that the police are lacking in intelligence gathering and strategic operation on the illegal activities taking place in this small part of the city.

Anyone who passes by 4-Roads on a regular basis will not see a police presence in the area and those who operate there are seemingly running a State within a State.

The Police seem to be more engaged in reacting to events as they unfold especially whenever there is an outburst of lawlessness in this part of the city.

This policy has failed the nation and should be reversed as a more proactive approach is needed to be put in place right now.

The Prime Minister and his National Security Advisor should understand the need to put “boots on the ground” in all the “hot spot” areas around the island to make the small criminal elements in the country understand that the State will not allow them to take control of any territory and operate with impunity.

The message should be clear – the State will crush anyone who poses a threat to the security of citizens at this point in time.

There is a saying that whenever your neighbour’s house is on fire then you should move and wet yours.

Mr. Prime Minister as our National Security Chief, you have a responsibility to reassure the decent residents on 4-Roads and in the other troubled areas that our law enforcement officials are on top of the situation and that is badly lacking at the moment.

Is the Prime Minister getting proper advice from those around him in National Security or is it a case that he is getting it but not accepting it?

The ongoing Gang warfare in Trinidad & Tobago should not be allowed to take root and get any stranglehold in Spice country without an attempt to stamp it out.

A visit to the hotbed Laventille in Trinidad will see written on some of the electricity poles – The Six and The Seven – to indicate which Gang is in charge of the area around them.

The information in the Underworld of Crimes in Grenada is that some of “the guys” involved in illegal activities on the island have links to these two major Gangs in TNT.

The High Command of RGPF keeps talking about their success record over the past two years in apprehending the amount of illegal firearms in the country.

The information in our possession is that the more guns the police seize, the more weapons keep coming into the country.

It is emerging that “every little Tom, Dick and Harry” that are linked to the Gangs want to have a gun in their possession.

The honeymoon period is long over for Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell and he should be sending a signal that he is on top of National Security and has a much better action plan to deal with crime in the country.

THE NEW TODAY is warning the Prime Minister that he needs to come down from “on high” as the election is long over and get to know about the rumblings within the Police Force itself about the lack of direction and leadership from on top.

The performance of those members of RGPF in the unfortunate Press conference in the wake of the escape from the South St George Police Station by the three prisoners from Paradise in St Andrew was a sad moment for many of the men and women in uniform.

No amount of damage control will be able to instill confidence in them with the current members of the Police High Command as some of them have become “the laughing stock” in the nation.

It appears right now that the Police Force “is on pause” and that something has to be done by those in charge of National Security to jump start it and rekindle hope among the rank and file of RGPF.

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