The New Today

Time to look ahead!!!

The breakdown of law and order and the growing disrespect shown for the powers-that-be in the country especially the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell by the young people should not be allowed to gain a permanent foothold in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

THE NEW TODAY was particularly disturbed by the amount of obscene language hurled in the direction of the Prime Minister by persons who engaged in protest action following the decision of government to ban carnival activities for the second year running due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This behavior was done in the full presence and hearing of members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) as the young people who came out in numbers to play the Jab Jab mas went on the rampage with a series of obscene and foul language.

There is no doubt in our mind that no other Grenadian leader was subjected to this kind of cuss words since independence from Great Britain in 1974.

It was ugly and vulgar and should not become part of our Grenadian culture and way of life.

Certain things do not add up and are hard to understand – the only man to win three elections with clean sweeps at the polls is now facing a barrage of attacks from the very young people who often supported him in past elections.

THE NEW TODAY is getting the sense that at age 75, coupled with the lockdown of the country for the better part of 16 months due to Covid-19, the young people have moved along in a society that might have already gone past the capability of the Prime Minister.

Even a review of the addresses given by Dr. Mitchell since the pandemic made its presence felt in the country have fallen way short of providing hope and inspiration for the youth who are by far the sector most affected by the growing unemployment situation in the country.

The Prime Minister has also failed to unveil a plan to address this growing state of unemployment among the youth and seems to lack the capacity and ability to redirect the Grenadian economy for the new World Order created by the virus.

It’s the same old failed policies – selling passports to get quick money and the building of hotels that provide mainly lowly paid jobs for thousands of our people.

The millions spent on the debushing programme is not providing any skill set for the people and there is no serious plan on the horizon for the resuscitation of Agriculture as the Minister of Agriculture, Peter David has a financial deficit on his hands to do anything meaningful in terms of the development of the industry.

In taking a look backwards, THE NEW TODAY is fully aware that the seeds for this growing disrespect and lawlessness in the society were planted and allowed to germinate many years ago by Dr. Mitchell.

All the regimes that he has headed since winning his first election in June 1995 have often demonstrated that none of them did respect the Judiciary, which is an important pillar of our democratic system.

The late Foreign Minister Dr. Raphael Fletcher came out publicly after a fall out between he and the Prime Minister to inform the nation about the utterances of Dr. Mitchell in the Cabinet room whenever the then high court judge Brian Alleyne of Dominica handed down a ruling against his government.

Even in more recent times, the same Dr. Mitchell came out publicly to disagree with the decision of the court to award over one million EC dollars to small businessman Dorset Charles who was bulldozed illegally on the Grand Anse beach.

The message that was sent out by the Prime Minister is that court rulings can be disobeyed and judges also disrespected.

The Prime Minister hit another low when he was also heard nationally suggesting that at his age he could do a certain something better than those young people.

It is quite obvious that if anyone goes down on the ground to meet the young people at their level then certain things will naturally flow – no respect will be shown.

During a recent sitting in Parliament, the Prime Minister addressed an issue with former Ambassador Warren Newfield whom he accused of being a racist and dropped hints that if he was on the streets in Grenada and not in the Lower House that he would have used certain language against the diplomat.

Did the people get the cue and when they came out on the streets to play Jab Jab mas on Monday and Tuesday this week in certain parts of the country that the language which the Prime Minister wanted to use did eventually come out from them with such force and venom but unfortunately were directed at Dr. Mitchel himself?

THE NEW TODAY holds strongly to the view that the current Prime Minister is more preoccupied with doing the things that are necessary to win elections and to hold onto power rather than putting in place policies and programmes that can take Grenada into the next 20 to 50 years like some of his predecessors like Sir Eric Matthew Gairy and the late Maurice Bishop.

Can anyone imagine that Dr. Mitchell will publicly state that the reason why he is seeking another term in office in the upcoming general election is that he has a few more hotel projects to complete in Grenada?

Any minister who is worth his or her salt should be able to successfully implement any of these hotel projects to fully come on stream within the next 3 to 5 years.

The NNP as a party is apparently not looking ahead at its own role in the future governance of this country.

It is long overdue for the party to address a succession plan for their ageing leader who needs to be retired in the national interest as he has nothing more of substance to offer to Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique in the scheme of development.

The longer Dr. Mitchell remains in office, it will be harder the task to put the Grenada ship back on the right trajectory in terms of respect for law and order and the functioning of our institutions, especially our parliamentary system of government.

The NNP House is in bad need of some spring cleaning in the national interest and to start looking ahead without the current office holder at the helm as he is now out-dated and stale.