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Time to get serious!!!

National Security is serious business especially where a country is concerned. In most cases it is the Prime Minister who rightfully holds the portfolio in the government as Minister responsible for National Security and the “Chief” as he is the one who has to make the call on those important matters affecting the security and welfare of the State.

The Commissioner of Police and the National Security Advisor are key players in the scheme of things and at times need to be in constant contact with the Prime Minister on a 24-hour basis to help make sure that the safety of the country is always given top priority. The current situation in Grenada is cause for concern as some of them who are given key responsibility in security are lacking in maturity and behaving like little kindergarten children.

There is an existing situation in which two of the key players are not on speaking terms with each other on nothing but trivial matters. It is one thing for persons in the top echelon of National Security to have different points of view on strategies to be employed to provide for greater safety and security for the people living in the State.

It can be healthy if the top Commanders in National Security are engaged in a debate or meaningful battle over plans to combat growing violence in a country, as well as the strategy that should be employed to deal with the free flow of drugs in some sections of the country. However, it is nothing of the sort among some of these men who have been given the responsibility to occupy key positions in the National Security apparatus of the State by the Prime Minister.

It is quite possible that the Prime Minister who is the boss of these men in the National Security orbit might not even be aware of what is happening under his own nose by these officers who are playing Russian roulette with the business of the State.

The current holder of the post of National Security has been having an extremely busy overseas schedule in recent months and might not be devoting the time and energy to the portfolio. If that is the case then he might consider handing over the assignment to a senior member of the Cabinet such as the present Minister of Health Phillip Telesford who has been one of the few stand-out Ministers in the Congress administration in the past 22 months.

The reports are also troubling about the functioning of the current 5-member High Command on Fort George that runs our Police Force. There appears to be deep division and distrust with some members being totally sidelined and kept in the dark over many basic and also very important issues.

A serious Minister of National Security will be on top of the situation and make each and every one of them fall in line in the National Interest. It should be made crystal clear to all those occupying key positions in National Security that Grenada is bigger than their personal and inflated egos. The current problem stems from the fact that the Prime Minister is very inexperienced on the job and has entrusted some of the key positions in National Security to a bunch of individuals who are engaged in their own form of adventurism.

THE NEW TODAY has very little or to put it bluntly no confidence in the current crop at the top of National Security given the dismal performance of some of these individuals since the change of government in June 2022. The time has come for a fresh start as the current state of play is also untenable and having a negative effect on the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) itself.

It is very doubtful that if a small band of 50 well armed and trained men militarily, launch an attack to overthrow this government that the current Police Force has an action plan to deal with the situation as such is the state of disarray in this organisation.

Our people have to be thankful that there is the Regional Security System (RSS) in place with Barbados as the headquarters in which military assistance will come to the aid of a member country in case of insurrection until the U.S decides to intervene militarily with its might.

There is also no treat to any of these islands including Grenada by communism due to the manner in which the Grenada Revolution came to a bitter end as a result of the internal feuding within the New Jewel Movement (NJM) after the OREL Boys made their move to topple Maurice Bishop as the leader of the process and to install Bernard Coard who was more aligned to Moscow and the so-called Democratic Centralism doctrine.

Mr Prime Minister, this state of disarray and uncertainty in National Security cannot be allowed to continue and it is your responsibility to act sooner rather than later in the national interest.  If not addressed with haste and urgency it can have the potential to create doubts in the minds of our people about their safety to the point that NDC might eventually pay a heavy price in the next general election.

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