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Time is running out!!!!

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is often finding itself engulfed in unnecessary issues that are forcing the party to lose bearings and focus on the task at hand.

THE NEW TODAY has seen the copy of a bulletin coming out from the National Executive which outlines the selection process to be used to identify candidates to contest seats for the party in the upcoming general election.

The inclusion of the two words “CV” has led to a debate within some circles within the party on the emphasis that is being placed on the so-called academic qualifications of persons who should be considered as being worthy to be candidates.

That has never before surfaced in the public domain as one of the key criteria for consideration in the Candidate Selection process.

This is quite understandable in light of the fact that several persons who won at the polls on tickets of the banner of Congress over the years were not qualified in fields such as law, medicine, engineering and other professional areas.

Two of the most recognisable candidates who repeated at the polls for the party over the years were Alleyne Walker who was a farmer and ordinary worker back in the days of Geest Industries in St. Andrew North-west and Glynis Roberts, a secretary in the South St George constituency.

Both of them were formidable candidates in their own rights in the yellow T-shirt against their rivals.

It is doubtful that NDC would have managed to attract these two along with a host of other frontline candidates if CV was a major issue in those days.

The leaders of NDC should be made aware of the fact that one of the most loved Prime Ministers of the country especially among the poor and ordinary folks in rural Grenada was the Father of Independence Sir Eric Matthew Gairy and he had listed on the passport as his profession the word “Politician”.

Sir Eric had no university education like some of our leaders such as Maurice Bishop, Keith Mitchell, Nicholas Brathwaite, George Brizan, Tillman Thomas and Ben Jones but he could wrap most of them around his little index finger when it came to battle in the political arena.

It is time for the new NDC leadership to get on with the business of getting the party ready for the upcoming general election as the upcoming fight is not a “walk in the park” against an opponent like Prime Minister Mitchell who still possesses that deep thirst and hunger for power.

Academically, Dickon Mitchell is a bright mind but politics is far from that as the young leader is still feeling his way in the country and needs time to develop the raw potential that is there.

Dickon Mitchell will have to make some bold moves in his endeavour to “get all hands on deck” including NDC fighters and also from the ranks of the opposition in order to forge the right kind of cohesive coalition of forces that is necessary to take down NNP from power.

THE NEW TODAY is suggesting that the Congress leader finds a mechanism in which he leads the Selection Committee into a frank and open dialogue with about 2 or 3 prospective candidates from each constituency to arrive at the best person to represent Yellow at the polls.

The kind of foolishness that is taking place in St. Andrew North-west between Phillip Alexander and Gloria Thomas to get the nod as the candidate should be put under “manners” through strong and decisive leadership.

The party must break the ice and stop “pussy-footing” and select the candidate with the understanding that all of them are needed to play a role in helping NDC to win the next election.

The NNP has planted “moles” within the NDC and has been obtaining vital information on the thinking of its leadership in going forward towards the next election.

The party also has to guard itself against those money vultures posing as political strategists and promising to land victory for Congress whenever PM Mitchell runs the election bell.

The NDC needs to take stock and find out the real enemies.

THE NEW TODAY is forced to make this point in light of reports that a section of the party sees it as “an enemy” that should be avoided at all cost.

The armchair politicians within Congress who are only engaged in chat room politics should come out of the closet and hit the ground running and try to win souls and votes for the party.

Those who are on the attack against THE NEW TODAY do not have any track record to show as they have never won anything on the political battlefield.

We pride ourselves as being very independent and will resist all and every effort by politicians and political parties to direct or dictate the content of what gets reported by us.

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