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Time for a new COP!!!

Thursday’s incident in broad daylight along the Grenville Street/St John’s area involving the notorious 4-Roads is further proof that the current leadership of the Royal Grenada Police Force has failed the nation.

Several business owners were under siege with some of them forced to close their doors and seek shelter within the confines of their compound as lawlessness took over for a period of time.

The truth of the matter is that not one single member of the Police Force was seen around the area to intervene and take control of the situation and to allow law and order to prevail in this section of the city which is in our capital.

THE NEW TODAY has on several occasions carried reports about the menace of this little enclave called 4-Roads to the peace and stability of this country.

It is clear to us that Acting Commissioner of Police Don McKenzie has not put anything of substance in place to deal with the situation and to take back control of this troubled spot and the others in order to contain the ever rising crime spree in the country.

An action plan to tackle the problem should contain elements such as police patrol of the area, as well as information gathering about all the illegal activities taking place and frequent and constant raids on targeted individuals associated with the crime zones.

It is quite noticeable that there was a slow and limited response by the Police to Thursday’s mayhem in which the vehicle of a prominent medical doctor with an office on St John’s Street was damaged due to the actions of an individual from 4-Roads.

A few days earlier, another so-called “bad john” from 4-Roads was involved in an incident at the St. George’s Market Square in which an individual was seriously injured.

It is clear that RGPF is lacking a plan of action to take charge of the situation.

THE NEW TODAY is outlining a part of its own action plan to deal with 4-Roads and other volatile areas in the country in which the police have lost control and allowed the hooligans “to run thing.”

This operational plan cannot be executed by the current leadership in RGPF due to the fact that after 2-years under the current Congress government of Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dickon Mitchell a number of Grenadians have been expressing their loss of confidence in the Police Force.

The time has come for the Prime Minister to look at a new dispensation and give priority to the appointment of a new Commissioner of Police and most likely from outside the country.

It is clear that Don Mc Kenzie has lost the support of a vast majority of police officers especially since the incident involving the three escaped prisoners from the South St George police station who were charged for the Catamaran Crime in which two U.S nationals were murdered on board their boat a few months ago.

The morale among the men and women in uniform was already low and it took a further nose dive given the below par performance of the Acting Commissioner at the infamous press conference to provide information to the nation on the issues surrounding the escaped prisoners.

The fact of the matter is that the Chief Cop has been given another contract by the present government.

However, in the national interest the Prime Minister needs to review the decision and find a face-saving way for Mc Kenzie to exit within the shortest possible time period.

THE NEW TODAY action plan calls for a new Commissioner of Police to arrest the present situation in which the criminal elements now feel emboldened due to a weak police force.

Under the new dispensation, a specially selected squad of the best men and women in the Police Force should be assembled to take back control of the situation and to create fear and panic in the lives of those who consider themselves to be major players in the Underworld of Crimes in the country.

This special unit should be equipped with Ski Mask to move into the well-known areas that are engaged in all sorts of illegal activities in order to send a message to the major players that law and order will prevail in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

There is also a need to review the performance of the National Security Advisor and the type of advice that he is giving to the current holder of the post of Minister of National Security.

It is difficult to determine whether the holder of the post is giving worthwhile advice to the Prime Minister and that nothing is being done about the implementation.

The Prime Minister has announced that a National Security Advisory body has been put in place and it is up to this group to assess the advice given by the National Security Advisor to determine how solid and sound that advice is in the scheme of things.

The Prime Minister should be cognizant of the fact that Grenada’s reputation as the most peaceful island in the Eastern Caribbean is under threat by a few rogues.

It is time to get serious and address the situation before it reaches alarming proportions.

The present National Security situation shows that there is no command and no control by those entrusted with the job.

The NDC as a party needs to understand that if the people in Grenada do not feel safe they will show it at the ballot box.

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