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The Two Grenada!!!

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”.

THE NEW TODAY is confident that everyone in Grenada is very much acquainted with the above saying since it is very much part of the daily vocabulary of many of our people.

In simple terms, it means that one person or situation should be treated the same way as that of another person or situation is treated and if Tom can go out with his friends at night, then Jane should be able to do the same thing too.

This is not the case in Grenada under the current ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell as the evidence is emerging that locals are treated more like second class citizens in their own homeland when compared with foreigners especially those with a much clearer complexion than the majority of blacks.

The recent incident involving the white doctor and his wife from the United States who were allowed to be placed in home quarantine and not at a government identified facility on arrival in the country just over a week ago until given Covid-19 clearance to venture outside.

It is now common knowledge throughout the country that the doctor and his wife later tested positive for the virus and had also violated quarantine restrictions by leaving their home when they should be confined and visited a number of restaurants in the south of the island.

This in itself speaks volumes about the inability of the Ministry of Health and its home quarantine protocol including the use of those watches for monitoring the movement of such persons.

It was disgusting to hear both the Minister of Health, Nickolas Steele and Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shawn Charles tell reporters on Wednesday morning at the post-Cabinet press briefing that one of the criteria used in allowing the U.S doctor and his wife to go into home quarantine was the fact that they expected the doctor to behave in a certain manner given his status.

This newspaper has solid evidence which cannot be refuted by anyone that a Black Nigerian doctor who is living on the island was not given similar treatment to the white American and his wife when he returned to Grenada on October 30 after seven months away due to the coronavirus.

Why was the doctor directed to quarantine at one of those places designated by the State to hold persons in confinement on their entry into Grenada?

These are the words from the mouth of the doctor himself: “I’m back in the country. I returned last night through Virgin Atlantic Airlines and still quarantined in one of the hotels.

“As I returned from one of the high risk viral endemic countries, according to the Ministry of Health, they stated that travellers that arrived in the country from such countries, are mandated to spend five days in a hotel and nine days at home.

“According to them, if the rules and regulations are violated, the concernees are subject to a fine of EC$ 10,000.00”.

Did this black Nigerian doctor, get the same treatment as the other doctor from the U.S who has a home in the well-to-do Lance Aux Epines area?

The evidence is clear that this NNP regime gives preferential treatment to certain persons of a skin texture to those of the majority black population in the country.

The beating of Evans Smith by the white family in Fort Jeudy is another classic case that can be used to judge Prime Minister Mitchell and his government on the issue of race relations.

As head of the government, the Prime Minister did not utter a single word to help lessen the rising tension in the country as many locals led by the young people organised demonstration and protest action in defense of Mr. Smith who was beaten by this white family.

In addition, the actions of the police were also questionable and suspicious in the circumstances given their known relationship with the husband of this particular white family.

The Prime Minister and his NNP administration also showed their hands in the recent incident in which a complaint was made by the operators of the Mt. Hartman Quarry about the theft of their boulders from persons associated with the nearby Chinese project who clinched a deal with those occupying the Botanical Gardens to engage in a $2.9 billion dollar project.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) in which the Prime Minister is the Line Minister was openly caught in the act of not telling the truth about the investigation that was done into the alleged theft by the Chinese.

It seems that some kind of intervention or interference took place as the police swept the matter under the carpet and never brought any charges against the Chinese.

And there are persons of questionable characters in Parliament who hold the view that the police should not get involved in the matter as it involves private parties.

The logical question is this – why would the police arrest and charge a black man for stealing four coconuts, take him to court and then the Magistrate will send him up to the Richmond Hill prison to serve time for praedial larceny?

THE NEW TODAY holds the view that the NNP regime would put any local person under “the bus” once persons of a particular colour and social standing flashes money before their eyes.

Is this the reason why the police went “soft” on the boulder stealing incident as they did not want to feel the weight of the powers-that-be who already had hands stretched out to get EC$185 million from the Chinese government to carry out the controversial upgrade on the Maurice Bishop International Airport?

Under NNP rule, there appears to be two Grenada at work.

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