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The Trini takeover!!!

The Anderson Peters incident on Wednesday night brings to mind a calypso sung several years ago by Smallies about St George’s, Grenada is now Port-of-Spain in Trinidad & Tobago.

The point that Smallies was making is that the Trinis were now virtually in control of most things in the Spice Isle especially and locals were being given a wake-up call about the state of play in their very homeland.

It should also be recalled that it was Trinidadians who were the main players in the first sporting stadium that Grenada was fooled about during the first period in government between 1995 and 1999 by Dr. Keith Mitchell and his New National Party (NNP).

There was the big ground-breaking ceremony at Queen’s Park with the infamous Ambassador Lily when Grenadians were taken for a ride on this pipe-dream project.

After the calamity, now former Prime Minister Mitchell and his then Works Minister Gregory Bowen soon struck a deal with the current finance Minister of Trinidad & Tobago, Colm Imbert to build the stadium at a cost of around $159 million through the BOLT system.

A Trinidad construction company owned by Emile Elias soon brought in their heavy-duty equipment to start work on the stadium that collapsed as soon as the high winds of Hurricane Ivan started to gather offshore Grenada.

This marked the real entry into the local market by the Trinidadians who started to capture most of our financial institutions including the major commercial banks.

The new National Democratic Congress (NDC) government should open its eyes to the Anderson Peters incident involving the Trinidad-owned boat known as the Harbor Master.

The information coming to hand is quite revealing about the link between the owners of the boat and high-ranking officials of the former NNP regime.

THE NEW TODAY understands that three party boats belonging to this prominent Trinidad family came up to operate during our just-ended carnival and made a ton load of money to take back down to Port-of-Spain.

Did the Treasury get its fair share of taxes from the Trini posse?

It should also be recalled that over the years some of the persons who were put in charge of our Spicemas Corporation (SMC) were bent on turning our authentic August festival into something that resembled everything that was taking place in Trinidad carnival.

It got so absurd and ridiculous that they spent thousands of dollars to bring up rented bleachers from Trinidad to line the Lagoon road and Carenage for spectators to sit on to watch the mas bands as they paraded along the route.

Why didn’t the so-called SMC bosses approach locals engaged in the woodwork business to produce the same bleachers and to keep the money in circulation in Spice country?

Were these people on the payroll of the Trinis to turn everything Grenadian into an extension of Port-of-Spain?

The new Minister of Culture, Ron Redhead has his work cut out for him and along with his new government to take the bull by the horn and resist all efforts to turn Spicemas, a term that was coined by the Flying Turkey many years ago,into a foreign entity.

Carnival cannot just be seen in terms of dollars and cents.

It is a fact that carnival will always remain a highly subsidized national venture by the State and one that can put money into the hands of the small man.

These people who are running SMC just gave away a permanent fixture like Dimanche Gras on Sunday night to the private sector without any consultation with the broad Masses.

Many persons are questioning whether something didn’t pass under the table to achieve this objective.

THE NEW TODAY is also concerned that our own local mas bands are becoming very scanty while the foreign imports are getting bigger and much fancier and taking over which will soon kill our local production. Isn’t that a recipe for disaster for our culture?

There were other burning issues that showed its face during the carnival activities including the lack of a system to effectively clean up the place after a major event.

It became too much of an eyesore to see the amount of garbage that was allowed to pile up for hours with no one seemingly moved to get rid of it.

This should never have happened as the carnivals of 2018 and 2019 never had such a problem.

What we are witnessing is that our Carnival is fast becoming an avenue for personal financial gains for a few, at the expense of the vast majority of the population.

Did the new government drop the ball by allowing too many of its detractors with links to the former regime to be still the occupants of many key areas of concern that can stifle what it keeps talking about as its Transformational Agenda?

THE NEW TODAY would like to remind Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell and his NDC colleagues that “talk is cheap” and what is needed is action and not words.

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