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The Richmond Hill connection!!!

Reports that certain elements serving time at the Richmond Hill prison are collaborating with their counterparts in prison in neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago to facilitate criminal activities in Grenada is indeed quite frightening.

THE NEW TODAY has picked up credible information that the Carnival Monday murder at Egmont was ordered by a major Drug Figure from inside a prison cell in the twin island republic who contacted certain persons held at the Richmond Hill prison to provide accommodation for the two hitmen dispatched to engage in the operation.

These criminal elements have managed to beat the system and have cellphones in their possessions to make and receive calls in order to execute their plan to commit murder.

The information seems to suggest that several inmates at a certain section of the Richmond Hill prison have cell phones and use them very often to communicate with the outside world.

This points to a certain amount of collaboration by Prison officers in helping inmates to lay their hands on cell phones.

It is not just ganja and cocaine that some prison officers are facilitating but also cellphones to help these criminals to link up with other criminals in prison in a foreign jurisdiction.

It is also quite logical that persons in the Grenadian community are topping up the cell phones for these inmates to make their calls on a regular basis.

In recent weeks, the name of a prominent businessman in the city has been called as one of the culprits who is engaged in such activities for a fee.

Some of the inmates at the Richmond Hill prison are definitely plotting criminal activities at the local level in order to lay their hands on money in order to pay for certain services on the outside.

In the Underworld of Crime, there is a fee pegged to every criminal activity assigned to someone.

The Security Forces need to wise up to the fact that some of the hardened criminal elements at the Richmond Hill prison are now exposed to some of the very bad things that are taking place within the Prison Walls in TNT.

The Prime Minister and Minister of National Security and his Advisors should consider making requests to the United States, Britain and other friendly countries like China and France for assistance in obtaining certain hardware equipment for use in the fight against criminal activities.

The telecommunication service providers who are making millions of dollars from their operations in Grenada will be doing this country a great disservice by not co-operating and to allow their operations to be used by criminal elements at their own whims and fancies.

It is a well-known fact that Grenada has limited Coastguard capabilities and the criminals are taking advantage of this situation.

Reports have been reaching us that police officers on the West Coast are fully aware of drugs and arms smuggling taking place in the sea at night but are afraid to go after the culprits who might have more powerful arms than what are in the police arsenal.

Informants are also reporting that the parish of St John is full of illegal firearms.

The police have reported some degree of success in retrieving a large amount of illegal firearms but sources in the Underworld are scoffing and suggesting that this is just a drop in the ocean given the amount of hardware on the island.

THE NEW TODAY believes that Grenada also needs to do some serious background checks on the influx of Trinidadians into the country to set up shop and do business under the guise of moving away from their homeland due to mounting gun-related violence in their homeland.

Do we know for sure that some of the dollars coming into the Grenadian economy are not the proceeds from the illegal drug trade?

Are some of these Trinis moving to Grenada in order to try and make a clean break from their previous activities with criminal elements in TNT?

How do we know that the “bad boys” will not eventually send hit men into this country to deal with them?

The Egmont incident clearly points in the direction of a major figure involved in criminal activities in Trinidad and now behind bars as the real mastermind behind the Egmont execution.

Was it done in order to provide a Grenada Base for the Drug kingpin whenever he is released from prison to slip quietly into the country in order to carry on his activities?

Doesn’t this remind us of Vincentian Dexter Chance who was charged in some jurisdictions for drug running and came into our country, married a local woman in order to settle down before he was executed a few weeks ago in one of the unsolved murders in the country?

Grenada could just be waiting for a time bomb to explode where criminal activities are concerned.

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