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The return of the Mulatto!!!

The Coconut Beach Restaurant episode has once again raised the ugly issue of class in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

THE NEW TODAY is not commenting on whether the owner of the restaurant was violating Covid-19 requirements when it came to the battle against the deadly virus.

However, the signs are pointing in the direction of a certain class of people in this country who believe that Grenada belongs to them and they are the ones who should be making the money and not the ordinary folks who make up the vast majority of people in this country.

This minority group has formed an alliance with current Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and feel emboldened that they could do whatever they want, and when they want to do it in the country.

These are the children of the mulattoes that the Father of Independence, Sir Eric Matthew Gairy had crushed in the 1950’s in the first modern day revolution in the country.

Unfortunately, Sir Eric turned around and betrayed the poor working class people in rural Grenada when he started to court these people that have always considered themselves to be superior and better off than the average Grenadian.

It was sickening in the early 1970’s to see The Father of Independence, dressed up in all whites, and going up to the Richmond Hill tennis court to play and drink with these mulattoes who hated the best bone in him.

Fifty years later, the so-called “Little Black Boy” from Happy Hill who is now the Prime Minister of Grenada is rewriting the same script and engaged in a courtship with this class of people at the expense of the ordinary working man.

These are the very people who are making millions of dollars from the sale of Grenadian passports from the controversial Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme that is in the hands of the so-called foreign investors who are allowed to fatten and line their pockets at the expense of the unsuspecting Masses.

The NNP regime is feeding off the “loot” from the passport-sellers who give them enough in the form of campaign financing in order to win elections and remain in power so as to maintain the status quo.

THE NEW TODAY is aware of one of the expatriates who sold hundreds of passports and collected millions for his personal use, turned around and offered the current Leader of the Opposition, Tobias Clement when he was running as a candidate for NNP a special financial incentive package to defeat Nazim Burke of the Congress party in the St. George North-east constituency in the 2013 general election.

This mulatto class of people in Grenada are now acting as “The Surrogates” for the rich Egyptian businessman, Naguib Sawiris and are currently working on his behalf to buy out locals with lands in and around Grand Anse beach and bring it to him.

It reminds one of the period of the Arawaks and Caribs when the European colonisers came to these shores and claimed to have “discovered” the original inhabitants.

The local Chiefs were feted with fine liquor, got drunk very often, and in exchange the Europeans laid their hands on the natural resources of Grenada for cheap.

This class of money people who are now very much part of the ruling circle in Grenada have become so powerful because of PM Mitchell that they feel that they can use some of us who should know better to carry out the operation against Coconut Beach for reasons other than just Covid-19.

THE NEW TODAY sees the need for the emergence of a new nationalistic leader to replace Keith Mitchell who is nothing but a sell-out of the cause of the ordinary poor people in this country after 25-years at the helm.

The current Grenadian leader is offering the Working Class especially the Imanis nothing but pittance as contract workers which is leaving them in a very poor, exposed, dependency syndrome and state of mind, as well as no realistic alternative way to advance in the society.

There is no way that this category of “new workers” can go to a bank or any other financial institution to secure a loan to help uplift their status in life and bring about a brighter and much better day for themselves and their families.

Sir Eric gave the poor a programme known as “Land for the Landless” whereas Dr. Mitchell has not provided anything for the poor man to see sustainability and to live a prosperous and productive life but has now turned Grenada into nothing but “a hustle” country where individuals work for short periods until the money earned is spent and they need another something to go by again.

Covid-19 has really exposed the flawed policies of the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration which has dominated the political landscape of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique since 1995.

PM Mitchell has rolled out a stimulus package and it was targeted mainly at the hotel sector that is in the hands of a certain class of people in the country.

Why was there no stimulus package for the farming community in agriculture? It speaks of the priorities of the current leader and the master plan to remain in office in collusion with the money class at the expense of the poor, vulnerable and marginalised who are misled into believing otherwise.

The message is clear from the NNP administration – no free money for farmers and if they want a loan to get money then go to the banks and work out the arrangements and pay back even in the face of high interest rates.

The country is crying out for a new leader who can help to rearrange the existing status quo on the island and to bring about a more just and even society for all and sundry in the country.

However, it can only happen when PM Mitchell is removed from power not by another set of greedy and controlled leaders but by persons with a nationalistic outlook and patriotic agenda.

The Black Wizard sang a song many years ago about the return of Colonialism to rule again for three more centuries but in the current Grenada under Keith Mitchell’s watch, the country is now seeing before their eyes “The Return of the Mullatoes” to wield power against the ordinary poor Working Class.