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The Moment is Now!!!

Sunday, July 26 was and is a historic day for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

It was a moment in history when a creeping dictatorship was defeated by the power of the people against a so-called Coronavirus bill that was really an act in the making to seize total control over the lives of the 108, 000 people living on the island.

The current custodian of power attempted to use the COVID-19 period, under the guise of legislation to create a Public Health protection bill against the virus to disguise their real intention of imposing a type of Martial Law rule against the people with the support of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

The bill was nothing but a suppression tool to be used against Grenadians to keep them in line politically by the dictatorship.

THE NEW TODAY is clear that this effort was turned back and crushed by what we refer to as the birth of the July 26 Movement when Grenadians spoke decisively and the Dictatorship was forced to withdraw the bill that was heading to Parliament.

What happened on Sunday was a people’s victory against the dictatorship of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Anyone with an understanding of history would realise that the defeat of the Keith Mitchell Bill came about because Grenadians of all political persuasions and those without any affiliation came together unknowingly in a common cause to send a message that reverberated throughout the length and breadth of the country.

This victory cannot be claimed by anyone as the movement that was formed on Sunday went way beyond the political boundaries and came together in a historic moment for the country.

The moment is now for all patriotic Grenadians to come together under a common banner to regain control of their country and restore good government.

This country is at a crossroads politically and the time is now for us as a people to look to the future with hope because together we can defeat the festering dictatorship.

The genesis of our political problem goes back to the events of the 1970’s when two major political forces clashed violently – the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) of Sir Eric Gairy and the New Jewel Movement (NJM) of Maurice Bishop which resulted in the birth of the 1979-83 ill-fated Grenada Revolution.

Current Prime Minister Mitchell was the one to benefit the most politically in a very opportunistic manner to run Grenada for over 20 years due to the calamity that took place as a result of the battles involving the right and left in Grenada.

The moment is now for persons with cool heads and with an understanding of the political landscape to come forward and heel the nation.

This newspaper is making a clarion call for Michael Baptiste who epitomises Labour to step forward and reach out to former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of the Congress party to discuss the way forward for Grenada in terms of the formation of a broad-based National Alliance to replace the NNP regime in government.

Mr. Baptiste and Mr. Thomas should bring on board with them someone associated with the Grenada Revolution in recognition of its role in the politics of the country to help crystalise this movement that can go forward under the banner of the July 26 Movement.

There must be a strong and not token youth representative on the Movement as the role played by the Grenadian youth on Sunday should be recognised because the future not only lies with them but they have signaled that their time has come in helping to chart a new chapter for Grenada.

It was the youth more than any other single sector in the country that understood the power of the Social Media and used it to full effect to frighten the life out of the NNP regime to force them to withdraw the bill and to run for cover.

The task ahead is to bring all patriotic forces together under one umbrella with a common cause – the unleashing of a rescue mission for the soul of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique from the evil forces at work.

The moment is now to cast aside political labels in the interest of Grenada first and foremost and for all hands to come on deck in the Rescue Mission.

There are persons within the NNP who are not happy with the situation in the country under the current leadership and efforts should be made to bring them on board in the wider interest of the nation.

This is the moment in history that should be grasped by all patriots who are committed to a national agenda for development of the country along democratic lines and not extreme dictatorship to come together to liberate the country.

Our institutions of government have been deliberately broken and smashed into pieces by Prime Minister Mitchell in order to rule the country.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Electoral Office have become a sad joke and have been turned into extension arms of the NNP regime to maintain its stranglehold on the political life of the country.

We can and have to do better – and the time has now come for the people to come together under a common movement and banner to recapture Grenada.

The atmosphere in the country reminds us of October 1983 when the people took matters in their own hands and moved against the Bernard Coard Gang and stormed Mt Wheldale and freed their Prime Minister and the country from ultra-leftist tyranny.

37 years later Mt. Wheldale where our Parliament is located has once again rallied the nation together in a common cause to tear up a piece of garbage in the form of a Bill that was setting the stage for a type of Marital Law rule by a Dictator who is seemingly losing his mind.

And there are those who are politically selfish and greedy for power and will attempt to take control of the anti-Keith Mitchell and NNP Movement that has grown overnight in the country since Covid-19 but are warned that this is not their moment but that of the people who are rising up in the name and defense of democracy.

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