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The mixed signals!!!

The revelation on Wednesday night by Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shawn Charles about Grenada’s 170th Covid-19 case is quite interesting.

The CMO told the nation in a late night broadcast that the person came into the country with a negative PCR test on July 26 for the deadly virus but on going back out was found to be positive on the test that had to be done on August 3 as part of the requirement for the flight.

Indeed, as Dr. Charles said this case is “quite unique”.

However, it raises quite a number of questions and the need for satisfactory answers to be given to the public as to the true Covid-19 virus status on the island.

It is quite unusual for someone to come into Grenada with a negative test and several days later on going out of the country the person turns up to be positive.

One of the questions which immediately comes to mind is whether the person did in fact come into the country with an undetected virus strain or actually contracted it from someone on the island.

What kind of accurate contact tracing can be done at this stage if this individual did visit “10 locations” while on the visit to Grenada?

It is well known that many places no longer maintain a log book of persons who would have visited them.

If that individual did travel on a public bus at any given time, how can the contact tracers know who were the other passengers on the bus, especially those sitting in close proximity to Case 170?

THE NEW TODAY is quite aware of the deep suspicion in many quarters in the country on the believability of Covid-19 statistics put out by the Ministry of Health headed by Nickolas Steele based on the feedback received by us over the months.

Many persons have called to make pronouncements that those in charge of our Covid-19 operation are not telling the nation the truth and have levelled accusations that the figures are being manipulated and that some positive cases are being withheld for whatever reason.

In addition, we have heard about the existence of fake Covid-19 Vaccination Cards being made locally and already in circulation in the country.

Too many mixed signals are coming from the powers-that-be on Covid-19 and the fact of the matter is that the official “Case 170” can be opening up a Pandora’s Box in Grenada’s fight against the virus on our shores.

What also makes the current situation quite worrisome is the fact that on any given day in Grenada, hundreds of persons can be seen going around the place even in the city without wearing Face Masks.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is no longer as vigilant as before in stopping those pedestrians who travel around without the mask.

As a responsible media outlet, THE NEW TODAY wishes to encourage Grenadians to refrain from letting their guards down in the face of rising Covid-19 figures and more new and dangerous strains of the virus coming from those countries like the United States and the United Kingdom – the major source markets for visitors to our shores.

The US is seeing a serious resurgence of Covid-19 cases and the figures are now upwards of 100, 000 cases a day and the UK in the region of 25, 000 plus.

Even Cuba which had Covid-19 very much under control with less than 500 cases a day is now witnessing close to 10, 000 cases a day in the past month.

With its limited health facilities, Grenada cannot afford to handle any serious outbreak of this virus on our shores.

In closing THE NEW TODAY would like to join with the many thousands of Grenadians who have congratulated our most decorated Olympian Kirani James on winning a Bronze medal Thursday in the 400 metres finals in the Tokyo games.

This achievement was unthinkable a year ago given the medical challenges which “The Jaguar” had to undergo in fighting one of those rare diseases that struck him coupled with the loss of his mother.

It was a quite remarkable comeback from a remarkable athlete from the Spice Isle.

It is not outside the realms of possibility that Kirani will be in the starter’s line-up at age 31 at the Paris 2024 Olympics games and very much in the mix for an unprecedented 4th medal in the 400 metres race for Men.

Is the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC) now focusing on the measures that should be put in place for Grenada to produce another Kirani James not only for 2024 but in the years beyond?

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