The New Today

The land grabbers!!!

THE NEW TODAY welcome the announcement from government that it intends to revisit the Possessory Title act with a view to tightening up on some of the possible loopholes.

The act is good in principle since it provides an opportunity for some persons who are duly known to be in possession of lands for decades to finally get title deed with a view to doing business with it.

However, some unscrupulous persons have used the act to engage in shady deals and to make legal their illegal act of taking possession of properties that they had very little to do with over the years.

Some of these characters have used the Covid-19 period when many persons are pre-occupied with survival to make bold and daring attempts at grabbing lands of many Grenadians especially who are known to be living abroad.

There is a serious deficit in the check and balance system in the country and loopholes can be fully exploited by these “land thieves” to take possession of people’s property.

Our Supreme Court Registry has been in shambles for years and the powers-that-be continue to pay lip service to its upgrade and improvement.

The island is suffering from a deficit of highly competent persons to do detailed and proper searches at the registry for land titles.

The experienced hands will often complain of the situation and the “don’t care” approach by some in the registry to get things right and proper.

The bottom line is that some lawyers are at fault and do not care to engage in proper research at the Registry where land title is concerned.

There have been instances in which individuals sell land and collect money for land that do not belong to them.

The lawyer involved at the time did not do a proper search in the registry and proceeded full speed ahead with the transaction only to run into difficulties years after.

It is well known that problems do arise when someone else shows up with the true title deed in hand as the owner of the property that was already sold.

THE NEW TODAY is aware of some vultures who are on the hunt for land and hope to acquire it through the Possessory Title act.

It is our hope that the government through the Attorney General Dia Forrester would move as quickly as possible to tighten the legislation and to make it much more difficult for these unsavoury characters to prey on an opportunity that presents itself for them to obtain land through illegal means.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to make some passing remarks on the current healthcare system in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

It is our strong belief that our governments in recent years have failed the nation by the mediocre service provided in healthcare to many persons in Grenada who fall sick.

This is 2021 and the General Hospital does not have the equipment and specialists to handle the growing number of persons known to be affected by some simple illnesses, as well as certain categories of cancer especially prostate cancer.

Why have our governments failed to take full advantage of the presence of St. George’s University (SGU) in our midst and to enter into agreements that can realise much needed equipment to provide an improved health care system for citizens?

Some of the basic equipment are lacking at the hospital but can be found at some private institutions.

A serious partnership with SGU can result in the school bringing in a number of well-qualified medical experts and specialists from the United States and elsewhere into the country to perform surgeries that can save the lives of many ordinary Grenadians.

Why in 2021 should a poor Grenadian little boy in Happy Hill, Gouyave, and Mt Rich die from simple health issues that can be treated quite easily?

No amount of talk about National Health Insurance (NHI) will provide better health care for our people if the hospital does not have the tools, the manpower including competent and well-qualified doctors and nurses to perform to the best of their abilities.

The electorate should reject any of the political parties looking to capture their vote in the upcoming election if they fail to present a meaningful health care plan as part of the development process in this tri-island State.