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The Heart is not beating!!!

About five months ago, THE NEW TODAY advised the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) of the need to go forward on a platform of “New Forces, New Strategies” in order to rest political power from the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

This newspaper is convinced now more than ever that if Congress fails to make the badly needed changes in its way of doing business, the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique will never consider it as a viable alternative to the current office holders.

The party held a very important convention in November and elected former Education Minister, Franka Alexis-Bernardine as its new leader and the very first woman in the country to be put at the helm of a major political party in Grenada.

Congress came out of the convention and gave the impression that the party had renewed hope and was full of vigour and vitality to start the political work that was needed to put it in a position to mount a serious challenge for state power.

This newspaper did not share that view since a number of under-achievers and under-performers were put back on the Executive in key and sensitive positions.

Today the cry around the country is that the NDC Heart is not beating and the party might be dead.

The evidence is there to back up this claim that Congress is far from ready and is seemingly not sure of the task ahead and the strategies that are needed to unseat the incumbents in office.

The party has an available space in the pages of THE NEW TODAY and has not been able to submit one single article for its Heartbeat column in the past five weeks.

This is clear evidence that the Public Relations team of Congress has not been able to deliver “the goods” and has failed the party.

Why is it that a party that was able to attract 20, 000 plus people in the last election is not able to assemble a team of writers to handle a column once a week? Can such a party hope to unseat the NNP with its well-oiled party machinery and ability to raise millions in campaign financing for a general election?

THE NEW TODAY knows for a fact that over the years Prime Minister Mitchell never wrote any of the NNP Perspectives for the local media but had a battery of persons who were assigned the task and they did deliver for his party.

The NDC is allowing itself to disappear from the political radar in the country.

The party needs to take stock and stop the rut because it can find itself before long as the newlook conservative Grenada National Party (GNP) of late Prime Minister Herbert Blaize that only came alive when election is called and was never in a position to mount a challenge to the dominant Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) of the Father of our independence, the late Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

The new NDC Political Leader, Sister Franka needs to take stock as the honeymoon period is over and start to seriously attend to the important business of putting Congress in a position to face the serious battle that lies ahead with NNP.

The party can only face that challenge by relooking what was suggested by THE NEW TODAY about five months ago to look in the direction of “New Forces” and “New Strategies” to defeat PM Mitchell in the next election.

The recycled members on the Executive have nothing new to offer and the past five months is proof that it is business as usual inside Congress.

The party has not been able to engage key members of the Civil Society Grouping in any meaningful manner.

The NDC has been shying away from the real, vexing and burning issues in the country.

There is supposed to be a Women’s arm in the party and today not a single statement from that group in support of the woman who made a formal complaint to the police of sexual assault from an individual operating under the armpit of the Prime Minister of the country.

The former Political Leader of NDC, ex-Prime Minister Tillman Thomas who is seen in some quarters as the most popular political figure in the county is known to be a champion for the respect of our independent institutions.

The current office holders have been trampling on institutions like the Public Service Commission (PSC) with a case in point being the re-emergence of Carlton “Darker” Frederick, the current Treasurer of NNP to head the Physical Planning Unit (PPU) in the Ministry of Finance and Congress is totally silent on the issue.

Sister Franka, your NDC Heart is not beating and needs something to get the blood to start pumping through its veins.

The people are sending out signals that they are tired and weary of Dr. Mitchell and company, but Congress is not giving the impression that it is positioning itself to grab the opportunity to embrace state power.

The NDC is at a serious crossroad and failure to address the problems on hand within the next few weeks and months will once more have disastrous consequences for it.

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