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The growing gun culture!!!

Two recent shooting incidents in Grenada have once again placed the presence of illegal guns on the island onto the front burner for national discussion.

The first shooting involved Jason Joseph by someone who visited his home at Mt. Parnassus in St. George’s and shot him in an incident still under investigation by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The other incident was last weekend when an employee of a security firm providing a service at the Grenville Bus terminus was shot in the Rose Hill area of St. Patrick East by persons who allegedly followed him in a car and attacked as soon as he stopped and got out of the vehicle.

The fact is that the island has a problem with the amount of illegal arms and ammunition in the hands of some dangerous elements in the society.

THE NEW TODAY is suspicious that there is a link between the guns and the illegal drug trade in the country.

It is now 38 years since the collapse of the Grenada Revolution and it is doubtful that the guns are leftovers from that period.

The police have intelligence in their possession that a lot of the Revo guns ended up in neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago.

However, the Rose Hill shooting should be looked at very carefully since reports are filtering through that it could be drug-related with fingers pointing in the direction of the involvement of a major player in the illegal drug trade in the St. Andrew area.

Information is flowing from within RGPF itself that some rogue cops might be providing “protection” to this so-called drug lord.

Grenada is a closely knit country and no one can be deeply involved in the drug trade without the knowledge of the police.

It can be summarized that if an individual is allowed to flourish in the drug business in Grenada it is more than likely some of the bad elements in RGPF are aiding the individual with vital information from the Security Forces.

About 25 years ago Trinidad was just as peaceful and quiet like Grenada where serious crimes were concerned but today it is a lawless society with armed drug gangs controlling turf that is not friendly to the police in the twin island republic.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to comment on the disgraceful manner in which the ruling New National Party (NNP) politicised some aspects of Grenada’s 47th anniversary of independence with the distribution of food boxes to the elderly and poor in the society.

It was rather shameful for the NNP to be engaged in partisan politicking with our independence by having the face of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell on these food boxes.

In addition, the Member of Parliament for St. Andrew North-east, Kate Lewis also got into the act with her picture on some of the boxes.

It was the same Kate Lewis, a school teacher by profession, who violated the protocol of the Ministry of Education by putting her picture on masks that were distributed to school children in her rural constituency as part of the fight against Covid-19.

This latest episode involving the NNP is further evidence of the creeping Keith Mitchell dictatorship in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

It is this “creeping dictatorship” that current Opposition Leader, Tobias Clement was referring to when he resigned as a member of the NNP and crossed the floor in Parliament.

Mr. Clement alluded to the manner in which the Prime Minister took away the budget from Parliament and placed it within the Office of the Prime Minister and the manner in which NNP was using state resources at the constituency level to engage in party activities.

And the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is still fast asleep and not showing serious signs of wanting to free the country from under the grips and spell of the fast advancing Keith Mitchell dictatorship.

Congress is wasting valuable time with the next election approaching in the manner in which it is conducting business as a political party.

The first lesson for the NDC leaders is that the party will not make any serious assault on the NNP without engaging others in society in forming a tactical alliance to remove Dr. Mitchell and company from power.

The NNP has been able to win elections on the basis of a coalition of forces that Dr. Mitchell was able to put together since 1995 and helped him to three clean sweep of all fifteen seats in 1999, 2013 and 2018.

The first Mitchell coalition was formed in the 1990-95 period with some elements of the left, private sector, trade unions and other interest groups in the country.

Today, the NNP coalition is still forging ahead and the proof can be seen in the appointment of former Executive member of the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT), Michael Pierre as Speaker of the House and his boss, Claris Charles as a Minister of government and now current Ambassador to Cuba.

Dr. Mitchell also broadened his coalition of forces in 2012 with a partnership involving expelled Congress members like Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Chester Humphrey and Pastor Stanford Simon among others under the so-called banner of Project Grenada.

The NDC can only hope to rescue Grenada from the creeping dictatorship by starting to engage in some serious discussion on the way forward for Grenada with the likes of Mr. Clement, The Grenada Movement, former Opposition Leader Michael Baptiste and the youths who have a critical role to play in the use of Social Media as a powerful political force against the “Creeping Dictatorship” that is entrenching itself in the country.

On this our 47th anniversary of independence, are we as a nation witnessing an increase in gun violence and the promotion of dictatorship/individualism under the NNP brand?