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The Carriacou affair!!!

The incident in Carriacou this week involving immediate family members of the Member of Parliament for the Constituency and Minister of Legal Affairs, Kindra Maturine-Stewart is rather unfortunate and regrettable.

It is sad, without any excuse and just not acceptable by many in our society when a son will “hit” his father in public for whatever reason.

However, the incident has served to bring the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) once again under public scrutiny for the manner in which it is seemingly used, in partisan political matters.

The fact that one of the most respected former high-ranking Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Trevor Modeste came out publicly and laid some of the blame on the police in Carriacou for the Maturine affair speaks volumes.

THE NEW TODAY is concerned over the failure of the police to effect an arrest when a police party was called out to the home of the father of the minister and found him in blood following an alleged beating by his own son.

This behaviour by law enforcement sends a message that due to the connection of the suspect, the police were reluctant to lay their hands on him.

The Police High Command cannot allow its men and women in uniform to send out the wrong message to the public that there is a set of laws for some Grenadians with political connections and another set for the rest of the population.

It is our information that the police party came on the scene, was informed that a cutlass was used in the incident, the weapon was seen but they left without it – something that can be used as vital evidence in any possible court action.

If a gun was involved, would the police have also left the gun to remain in the hands of the aggressors because of who they are?

The police also had a responsibility to take into custody the individual that the elderly Maturine had pointed towards as the person who inflicted the bloody wounds on him.

It can be argued and with merit that the victim could have died a few hours after the injuries sustained and the suspect was given an opportunity and opening by the lawmen to flee the jurisdiction and become a fugitive from justice.

THE NEW TODAY is also questioning the decision taken by the police in Carriacou to tell the victim that he has to get a Medical Report from a doctor in order for them to take action in the matter under investigation.

This seems to be a new and dangerous norm that should be stopped in its track and stamped out from RGPF.

In the past, the police are known to go to the hospital and get a Medical Report and even pick up suspects on a crime scene without such a document in their possession.

The elderly Maturine also reported that he complained to the police a few years ago about the action of one of his sons to break down a fence that he had erected on his own property to keep the peace between the two warring families.

The police came and requested the son to put back up the fence.

Did the police have the authority in law to take such a decision? Were they venturing into areas that should fall within the domain of a court of law?

THE NEW TODAY is of the belief that if the police were called in to investigate that an illegal act was committed then they were limited to putting forward a case for a court of law to decide upon and not them.

The elderly Maturine and his wife reported that they called in the police after a party was taking place on the premises of his ex-wife and the noise was unbearable.

A party of police officers came on the scene and soon left without doing anything when they realised that it involved persons associated with the Minister of Legal Affairs and MP for Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

THE NEW TODAY suspect that it might have been “a horse of a different colour” if the elderly Maturine had pulled out a gun and fired some shots at those who were trampling upon his right to peacefully exist in his home.

It is time for Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin to come to the realisation that whenever the police are applying the law selectively and not fairly across the board that they are flirting with danger and playing with fire.

The police will be breaking the law that they took a solemn oath to uphold and run the risk of not being able to now apply the very law against law-breakers.

The Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Keith Mitchell who has been in charge of the affairs of the nation for the past 25 years, was so right when he said that the system was broken in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The question is – can he fix it or has he ever attempted to solve the problem?

THE NEW TODAY is suggesting that the Police High Command should launch an immediate investigation into the police party that is handling the Maturine affair.