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Stay safe!!!!

2020 is undoubtedly “The Year of the Coronavirus Pandemic”.

Covid-19 has changed not only life in Grenada but throughout the rest of the world regardless of race, colour, and political orientation.

This little virus has impacted heavily the two super powers in the world – The United States and China.

In Grenada, the island is seeing a major fall-out at the moment between the government and the world renowned hotel chain, the Jamaica-based Sandals on a cluster of Covid-19 cases that surfaced at the resort in recent days that is causing fear and panic on the island.

This development has resulted in the government telling Grenadians for the first time that “Covid-19 is active in our communities”.

The bottom line is that the present New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has set the stage for the anger being expressed in many quarters of the country due to this Covid-19 outbreak.

A look back at certain developments would see that the government was always walking in the danger zone where the virus was concerned.

The current Minister of Tourism, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen sent signals a few weeks ago when she placed in front of the people a proposal for them to give up a beach for foreigners as part of government’s plans to kick-start the cruise ship industry on the island.

And what was most disgusting was the offer of US$4000.00 a trip in return by the operators of the cruise ship that was bringing these visitors to the island.

Luckily for the country, the initiative had to be called off as the ship while making its way to the island had to turn back as a number of the passengers on board came down with the virus.

Prime Minister Mitchell has the nation now treating him as a national joke following a statement made in his address on Monday night over some of the decisions taken by his government to hep curb the latest upsurge of the deadly virus on the island.

The Prime Minister told us that government will allow a bus to carry 15 persons but only ten of them can go to the funeral.

What madness is this? How come a member of the Cabinet could not see the flaw in this proposal and point it out to the Prime Minister before he delivered the address to the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique?

A church service for a funeral can do better social distancing in the fight against Covid-19 than any of these crammed buses on the nation’s road network.

THE NEW TODAY is convinced that no serious thought was given to this proposal by the Prime Minister and his government since it is so flawed.

There is now more than credible evidence of Grenadians living outside the country making calls to top government persons to receive favouritism in the selection process for Home Quarantine status.

It appears that “linkology” to the Green party is a key component in administering the Covid-19 protocols for some persons in the country.

The Mitchell-led government took a gamble on kick-starting the economy through the re-opening of tourism.

It might have been better as a strategy to try and keep the Covid-19 cases down by taking measures to prevent the virus from coming into the country through tourism and spreading among the population and instead place greater focus and emphasis on getting St. George’s University (SGU) back in business.

There is no doubt that SGU which contributes one-quarter to the GDP in Grenada would have been a much better bet than the risky tourism sector.

Despite the ongoing investigation ordered by government to get to the bottom of the so-called cluster at Sandals, there is clear evidence that the resort was a ticking time bomb as some guests and staffers were often seen intermingling with the former not wearing masks.

The nation is hopeful that the results of this investigation is indeed made available and not end up as the Panorama probe in which a final comprehensive report is still outstanding several years later.

Finally, THE NEW TODAY would like to wish all in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique and in the Diaspora a safe Christmas period as the fight against Covid-19 has to be intensified so please adhere to the protocols and stay safe.