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Start the Conversation!!!

THE NEW TODAY renews its call for the formation of a July 26 Movement to bring persons together to rescue the country from the grips of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) should see the wisdom of coming forward and being a critical part of the movement for change to herald in a brand new day in the political life of the country.

There is no doubt that the politics in Grenada is rather complex at the moment but all it takes to unravel it is a little political sense by political parties, organisations and persons interested in the development of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The emergence of the youth on the political landscape due to Covid-19 has shifted the body politics in the country significantly thus resulting in pressure at all levels for the island’s ageing 74-year old Prime Minister.

The NDC should understand that the youths are making a bold statement about their intention to get involved in the affairs of the country in a meaningful way and should be treated as a co-equal partner in the discussions to take place on the way forward.

The truth of the matter is that Congress with two 15-0 massive defeats in the last two general elections is not an attractive brand for the young people who are out there in thousands and taking action on their own in an open rebellion at the moment against Prime Minister Mitchell.

This newspaper is calling on the NDC leadership to start a serious conversation with the youth leaders who are already at the forefront of the struggle to remove the NNP Dictatorship from power.

It is time for the NDC leadership to understand that it needs to grow its numbers to contest any election in a meaningful way and to defeat Prime Minister Mitchell who understands more than anyone else in the country how to win at the polls.

Congress will be making a serious political mistake and miscalculation if the thinking is to coax the youth into NDC and then try and use them to win power as this will not work.

The situation at the moment is that those who can influence the NDC way of thinking should realise that the strategic objective is to bring the anti-NNP forces together in order to rescue Grenada from the mal-administration of the past years.

The next step should be the tactics to be employed to win power and remove the Mitchell dictatorship from power once and for all.

THE NEW TODAY is confident that the island has the people with the acumen to help put together what is needed to remove the NNP from office in conjunction with the July 26 Movement.

The NDC has to start thinking seriously in the National interest and to seize the opportunity that has been presented to them by Covid-19 to allow the party to become the vehicle for the transition of Grenada with the young people in mind.

It will be folly for anyone to think that the young people will allow themselves to be used to grab power – the truth is that the young people have arrived and are ready to sit down and talk on the table as equal partners in forging a new way forward for the country.

The NDC leaders – Franka Alexis-Bernardine, Chairman Terry Moore and even former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – should come to terms with the fact that it is the young people who have shaken the foundation of the NNP House and created fear and panic in the Green Machinery.

Congress should also be a little bit more sensitive and do not try to take credit with statements which seem to suggest that the young people have joined them in the struggle on behalf of the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

It was the young people like Michelle Alexander, Joel Greenidge and Cassandra Mitchell who woke up Grenada with the hurriedly organised demonstration that took place outside Fort Jeudy in support of Evan Smith in the issue involving the white foreigners.

It was the young people who used the Social Media platform to take the fight to the NNP Green Machine on the so-called Covid-19 Control bill, which the Prime Minister was forced to withdraw from Parliament.

THE NEW TODAY is cognisant of the role currently being played by the lone member of the Opposition in Parliament, Tobias Clement, MP for St. George North-east in the struggle to remove the NNP Dictatorship from office.

There are those in the Congress party who distrusted him as a plant of the ruling party and tried to ridicule him as an agent of Prime Minister Mitchell with a sinister motive.

Today, Mr. Clement has proven all the critics wrong with the long line of questions sent to Parliament that has the MP’s on the government side jumping all over the place and trying to run and hide for cover.

Mr. Clement has to be a part of the discussion on the way forward because his role in Parliament on the Opposition Side is very critical and crucial at this point in time of the evolution of the politics in Grenada.

History will not be kind to NDC and those Grenadians who share the same view that change is necessary and can take place in the country through a more commonsense approach and not to allow greed for power to become a stumbling block, if they fail to act in the national interest.

Prime Minister Mitchell did not win 5 elections by mere luck and he understands what it takes to win another election despite the odds since he has the money, an organised party structure, control of the elections system and the motivation to hold onto power and not to surrender it .