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Shameless lies!!!

If the nation did not understand Dictatorship then it could not have gotten a better example on Wednesday morning when Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell appeared on GBN’s “To the Point” programme.

THE NEW TODAY saw in awe a Prime Minister who was telling the whole world that his actions were always right and had no respect for the rulings of the courts of law in the land.

Dr. Mitchell has no training in law but came out in a brazen and bold-faced manner to condemn the judges of the Court of Appeal and the High Court for ruling against the New National Party (NNP) government in the cases involving Dorset Charles and Gemma Bain-Thomas.

The Prime Minister went further to tell an untruth to the nation that Mr. Charles, an ordinary Grenadian entrepreneur was “a Squatter” on the lands that he occupied for his water sports business on the Grand Anse beach.

The message which came from the man now occupying the seat on the 6th Floor in the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens is that the lawful courts of Grenada had defied the laws of the land and awarded “A Squatter” a judgment which now stands at EC$3.5 million as a deficit to the taxpayers of the country.

Dr. Mitchell knows that he was less than honest to the listeners on the Dorset Charles matter in light of many legal advice given to him over the years on paying the small man from Grand Anse for sending in a bulldozer to mash up his business premises.

It’s a pity that the host of the programme was not possessed with the relevant facts of the subject matter and did not follow up with a relevant question to put the Prime Minister totally on the back foot for openly telling a lie to the people.

Why would the court rule in favour of an individual who was occupying Crown land illegally?

The truth of the matter is that Mr. Charles had a legal Cabinet Conclusion that gave him the right to occupy the land and conduct his business.

This Cabinet Conclusion took place after Dr. Mitchell was kicked out of the original NNP government in 1989 by the late H.A Blaize who was not happy with the manner in which he was deposed as the party leader by the current Prime Minister.

It was also clear that our Prime Minister had a particular mindset when he won the June 1995 general election and is today carrying that mindset with him and continuing to make serious mistakes that are punished by the law courts.

It was the same Dr. Mitchell who took the law into his hands and did an illegal act against Mr. Charles within months of coming into power for the first time 25 years ago.

Another illegal act that the same Dr. Mitchell did within months of coming into power in 1995 was to breach the agreement which the Trinidad Engineering company, DIPCON had signed with the Congress government of Sir Nicholas Brathwaite.

Today the illegal act of PM Mitchell and his political enforcer, Works Minister Gregory Bowen has cost the taxpayers over $EC20 million as Dipcon which took the Government of Grenada to court for the illegal act and won a handsome judgment against the State.

There is a pattern of dictatorial conduct on the part of the current Prime Minister that has now resulted in the taxpayers having to find EC$200 million to pay to WRB Enterprises in the Grenlec matter.

It is unfortunate that persons who know better like Sir Daniel Williams, QC, and Dr. Lawrence Joseph who are all lawyers will continue to support the Prime Minister in this foolishness.

The proof of the dictatorial tendencies of Dr. Mitchell came from off the lips of the current Leader of the Opposition, Tobias Clement who painted this picture of him on parting ways with him after being loyal for over 25 years.

Mr. Clement told us that he was forced to speak up over the manner in which the current Prime Minister has hijacked the Parliament by putting its budget under his wings and making all the decisions when the Constitution provides for a separation of powers between the functions of the Cabinet and the Parliament.

It is ironic that the so-called revolutionaries, Peter David (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Chester Humphrey (President of the Senate) will run under the arms of Dr. Mitchell for political relevance while Clement, the long-serving and faithful NNP’ite will be running away from his own leader due to his growing dictatorial tentacles.

THE NEW TODAY is calling for Constitutional changes in going forward in order to protect the taxpayers of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique from leaders like Keith Mitchell and Gregory Bowen who continue to make bad political decisions which are very costly to the State.

It is about time that these bad decisions be tied to their own personal assets and not become a burden on the National Treasury.

After all, Dr. Mitchell can boast of having assets worth over $19 million either in US or EC currency and poor Dorset Charles who is armed with a court judgment cannot up to this day get as little as EC$19 dollars to help him out in this period of Covid-19.

It is clear that Dorset Charles cannot benefit from the Order of the Court as Prime Minister Mitchell continues to defy the very court and shows lack of respect for the decisions of the Justices like many dictators around the world.

Where are the church leaders in this country?

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