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Shame and disgrace!!!!

Millions of Americans will like to forget the Donald Trump Presidency which comes to an end on January 20 when President-elect Joe Biden officially goes into the White House in Washington.

It brings an end to an era in which the United States lost its leadership of the free world as a promoter and defender of democracy as the best system in the world for mankind to live under in the pursuit of a better life.

Trump brought shame and disgrace not only to the people of America but all those who believe in peaceful change of government through the expression of the people in the ballot box by the manner in which he incited Wednesday’s attack on Washington by his mob supporters.

How many of us can recall the statement made by former Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders that Trump “is the most dangerous President” that America ever had?

It took a rallying of forces of all shades and colour in the United States to come together under Joe Biden to put an end to this character who was able to connect with the worst of America to rule the citadel of democracy for the past four years.

Grenada has its own Donald Trump alike leader who has been the dominant figure in the political life of the country since 1995.

If anyone had doubt about it the message resonated again on Thursday when at a Press Briefing, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell sought to defend the action taken by his government to lay its hands on the controversial funds to place majority shares of Grenlec back in the hands of the State from WRB Enterprises.

In the face of an announcement from Opposition Leader Tobias Clement that he was filing a lawsuit on the Grenlec issue, the Prime Minister was telling the nation that the action of his government was lawful and immediately took on the role of sitting judge with no jury and delivering a verdict.

THE NEW TODAY is confident that all right-thinking Grenadians will never trust the judgment of PM Mitchell on any such thing.

This is a Prime Minister with the worst record of losing cases in court by a Grenadian leader.

Within the last year alone, Dr. Mitchell and Public Utilities Minister Gregory Bowen cost the country over EC$200 million with their loss on the same Grenlec issue as the International Tribunal court ruled in favour of US firm, WRB Enterprises on the buyback of the shares in the utility company.

The government and its spin doctors have been hard at work to sell the Grenlec issue as a major victory but in simple terms it was a government losing a judgment and had to settle it at a figure that can run up to $300 million when all things are taken into consideration.

The same Keith Mitchell/Gregory Bowen combination also cost Grenada over EC$20 million in the Dipcon Engineering breach of contract matter within weeks of coming into office in June 1995.

This is the same Prime Minister who lost high profile cases involving former Cabinet Secretary, Gemma Bain-Thomas and Dorset Charles and are refusing to pay them due to political spite and victimisation.

THE NEW TODAY recalls the pre-2008 election move by the same Dr. Mitchell to seek diplomatic immunity from prosecution in the United States when an American citizen filed a lawsuit against him that was linked to the Eric Resteiner briefcase fraud case.

Mr. Clement should not take seriously the pronouncement of his former political boss on the Grenlec shares issue and pursue his case in the law courts.

It could be nothing but pure political grand-standing by the Prime Minister to appease his political followers and supporters within the ruling New National Party (NNP) government.

The move by Clement to trigger action in our law court presents the perfect platform for opposition forces in Grenada to come together to fight a common cause.

This is a battle to get a court to rule whether the Mitchell-led government broke the laws and illegally put its hand on money to buy back the Grenlec shares.

This impending court action could bring to the fore the exact manner in which the NNP administration was able to put together the funds to satisfy the WRB Enterprises arbitration ruling in which interest payments were building up for the national purse.

This newspaper has always felt that Mr. Clement’s resignation from the NNP and his move to the other side in Parliament would help to save our democracy from being engulfed, consumed and overrun by those who were trying to turn Grenada into a one-party state under the so-called banner of “Project Grenada”.

It is unfortunate that so many persons became self-seekers of their own interest and helped to make the current Prime Minister who is the Grenada alike of Donald Trump due to his own thirst for power even at the age of 74.

Dr. Mitchell has lost his bearings many years now as he does not have any national development plan for the country but is bent on holding onto power as so many dictators in the world.

The failure over the years by those within the NNP to call out Mitchell for his dictatorial tendencies is very similar to what is happening under the Republican Party as Trump as their leader and Grenadians should awake and call out Prime Minister Mitchell on all the wrongs done as leader of this country.

THE NEW TODAY is hopeful that 2021 turns out to be the year that patriotic Grenadians come together in a rallying cause and put political colour and the like on the side and come together in the national cause to bring back decency, order and good government in this country.