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Security around PM Dickon Mitchell!!!

Tuesday’s accident along the Springs main road involving the vehicle that Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell was travelling is cause for concern.

It might well be the first time that a Grenadian leader and the official State vehicle might have gotten involved in a collision with another vehicle on the public pathway.

It is a relief that no one was injured and that the Prime Minister could go about doing his business including attending a sitting of Parliament within the next two hours at Mt Wheldale and showed no signs of discomfort.

THE NEW TODAY is giving full support to the many voices including security persons that a review should be taken of the Security system that has been put in place around the current Prime Minister who has been in office for just nine months.

One of the issues that comes to the forefront is the decision that was taken by those in charge of the Security Detail to pass the Prime Minister through Springs which is normally very busy with heavy traffic around that time of morning.

Is there any coordination between the Traffic Department and those in charge of the unit assigned to PM Dickon Mitchell to give suitable advice and intelligence on the best possible route to use for the Grenadian leader to avoid traffic congestion?

Is there an advance system in place to coordinate the movement of the Prime Minister and to give directions on the route that the official entourage should take at any given time in the day?

Why is RGPF not using an advanced vehicle, apart from the two that is normally seen carrying PM Dickon Mitchell in order to clear a path that is as smooth as possible for him to travel on our road network to carry out the job that was assigned to him by the people?

The traffic situation in Grenada is getting more and more challenging daily especially in the early morning rush hour and late afternoon when people are leaving their workplaces and going back to their respective homes.

There is now an increasing number of vehicles on the roads and it is not common to find some homes having as much as three vehicles – one used by the parent and sometimes two and three others on the compound that are used by grown up children.

Persons with knowledge of security would advocate that a member of the Prime Minister’s security detail is given the specific job and responsibility to plot every route to be used by the office holder in going around to perform the job on behalf of the government and people of Grenada.

As one expert pointed out, a fresh look has to be taken by those in charge of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) and those in the Ministry of National Security on the arrangements to protect the life of PM Dickon Mitchell.

It was highlighted that a two-vehicle entourage is nothing but a joke and unwise for any Prime Minister.

A longstanding regional head of government who expressed concern about the safety of PM Dickon Mitchell on hearing about the accident made a very interesting comment on the kind of entourage that should always be at the disposal of a Prime Minister while on the road.

He said: “I always believe we should have a lead vehicle. It is not safe for the PM to be ahead of the convoy.”

It was also cause for concern to see the Prime Minister standing in the open air for some minutes after the accident which is currently under investigation.

What was the plan of action of RGPF in the circumstances if someone with a wicked and malicious mind decided to take advantage of the situation and open gunfire on the Prime Minister for whatever reason?

Was there a back-up vehicle or plan that was put in place to take the Prime Minister out of the vicinity of the accident within seconds and not unnecessarily expose him to harm?

The ruling party should also be extremely concerned about the safety of their leader.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) will struggle politically to hold onto power and be a force in the country without PM Dickon Mitchell at the helm.

The party would be hard pressed to find another leader at the moment who can take over the running of the government with the blessings of the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique in the absence of the current leader.

The party hierarchy and its own trusted security team that was around for the 2022 Election campaign should engage the Prime Minister on the necessity to relook the current Security system in place with a view to addressing the weak areas.

The Prime Minister will have to be convinced by those trusted elders in the party that he is no longer the top civil lawyer in charge of his law firm but is now the head of government and the important ace in the pact for Congress.

The demise of Dickon Mitchell (God forbid) will just be the tonic that the rival New National Party (NNP) is waiting on in order to regroup even under their ageing 76-year old leader Dr. Keith Mitchell to try and lay their hands once again on State power.

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