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Repairing the damage!!!

The episode that is now in the public domain involving the now infamous Superintendent Wayne Wilson is just about the latest incident to cause embarrassment to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

It is highly unusual for a police officer to have a court conviction for fraud and be allowed to continue within the rank and file of the force far less get promotion.

There is a true saying that if someone wants to understand a country then the mirror to look into is the Police Force.

RGPF has good cops but the bad elements in the midst have become a law unto themselves and are now aligned to certain powerful forces in the Political Directorate and can be relied upon to do the bidding of their masters who are more than willing to offer them protection.

The promotion of Wilson from Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) to a full-fledged Superintendent will have a chilling effect eventually on the Police Force as it sends out a bad message that wrongdoers can get promoted and might one day eventually become the Commissioner of Police.

THE NEW TODAY is not making this statement lightly, as one member of the High Command who is within arm’s length of the top job has an almost similar and checkered past as Supt Wilson.

There is a well-known case within RGPF of an Inspector of Police who stole a quantity of money from the Exhibit Room in South St George Police Station and rather than being prosecuted was also given a promotion.

He was not charged for the offence but merely transferred to Grenville Police station for about two years while the incident was swept under the carpet.

The officer was sent back to South St. George Police Station to work there again – the same place that was considered to be his crime scene.

This same Inspector was selected by the Police High Command to go abroad on a course as if nothing happened.

It is rather sickening the kinds of illegal activities that often take place within RGPF and the culprits are allowed to walk free and not face criminal prosecution.

It appears that there is a crime syndicate within the Police Force who are above the law and behave no different from those criminals who are often charged by them and taken before our Magistrates and High Court Judges whether as drug pushers or common thieves.

THE NEW TODAY has reported in the past a well-publicised incident in which three senior officers holding the rank of Superintendents of Police at the time were accused by a young female Constable from the West coast of serious offences of sexual molestation including rape by one of them.

The then Commissioner of Police Winston James was presented with a letter by the victim giving graphic details of the acts committed against her by these monsters in uniform and they were allowed to walk free.

The so-called investigation into the incidents came to an end as quickly as it started and these bad elements in the police force got off scotch free.

It got even worse as one of the suspects is now sitting comfortable in a chair as a member of the current High Command and rubbing shoulders with the present Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin who was privy to these acts of wrongdoing by persons who should be enforcers of the law and not law-breakers of the worst kind.

It is sad that Grenada has been allowed to descend into this messy pit over the years under the watch of the current government and its leaders.

THE NEW TODAY believes that this was done deliberately as a carefully worked out plan to dismantle, destroy and undermine all the democratic institutions in the country including the Public Service Commission (PSC) which is the body recognized by the Constitution for public officers.

The long hands of the NNP Political Directorate have even extended into the Religious Community with many of our pastors and preachers becoming disciples of the powers-that-be in their near 30-year stranglehold on life in Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The evidence is clear that too many of our religious leaders are more concerned with earthly things and the worship especially of the mighty dollar and often go cap in hand to the politicians for concessions for just about any and everything.

The religious community also took money from Ambassador Charles Liu from China who was eventually charged by the U.S Social Security Commission (SEC) with a criminal offence.

The message is clear – some of our religious leaders are doing anything for money these days.

Also, a few years ago, there was also a blatant political attempt to control the most powerful church on the island, the Roman Catholic by trying to influence the selection process for the post of Bishop of St. George.

In recent weeks, look at the heinous crimes being committed by elements in our society especially against some of our elderly citizens and the police have been slow to arrest the culprits.

There is a serious breakdown of law and order in the country.

THE NEW TODAY is convinced that the situation in Grenada has deteriorated to the point that whenever the NNP is finally out of office, it will take a serious and dedicated government to nation building, more than two decades to try and repair the damage to the nation’s psyche by the current lot in office.

Repairing the damage will be a monumental task.