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Praise the whistleblower!!!

THE NEW TODAY is astonished that some persons will call for punishment for the “Senior Nurse” at the St George’s General Hospital who spoke out against the inadequate healthcare offered by the institution and the terrible attitude of some staffers especially those in Management positions.

The ‘whistleblower’ should be congratulated for releasing certain information into the public domain to bring to the attention of Grenadians what exactly is happening at our premier medical facility.

Historically, this is the role that is played by Whistleblower in the national interest instead of sweeping certain things under the carpet.

It is no secret that the healthcare professionals at the hospital are not providing a service on par with their predecessors of 20 to 30 years ago.

These older nurses and doctors used to go the extra mile to make sure that patients were well cared for during their stay at the hospital.

Most of the current lot of doctors and nurses at the hospital is a reflection of the current state of play in the Grenadian society.

There is a general “don’t care attitude” with many persons only interested in keeping an eye on the clock to leave work on a daily basis and to look out for pay day to collect the salary.

The Congress government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell should not turn a blind eye to the revelations of the Nurse in light of its commitment to build a Teaching Hospital in the Calivigny area.

Will this hospital be staffed by the same set of people currently in the healthcare system? Is the government thinking of putting the old wine in the new bottle?

If this issue is not addressed and in time, there will not be any significant changes made to healthcare in this country.

The new Minister of Health Phillip Telesford has a major task on his hands to deal with such an entrenched system at the General Hospital without making meaningful changes at the management level.

It can easily turn out to be a very useless exercise if the Minister simply just shuffles the bad pack of cards in the system.

MP Telesford will have to sit down with his Management Team at the hospital and be apprised of the bottlenecks in the system that is too often causing a shortage of critical medical supplies at the General Hospital.

The Hospital has to be seen as any of our supermarkets that are importing goods to put on their shelves to serve the needs of the public.

There must be a system in place to monitor supplies and to place orders for the importation of goods to avoid shortages, especially of critical medicine.

THE NEW TODAY does not believe that the issue is a shortage of funds in the Treasury to pay the suppliers for their goods.

It can be a problem similar in nature to the lack of performance on the job by public officers who are failing to submit their information on salaries to the Ministry of Finance and resulting in late payment to their own colleagues.

Is there a deliberate ploy by some elements within the public service that has political overtones to make this Congress government look like an inept bunch in office?

THE NEW TODAY would also like to make some passing comments on the death of Winston Whyte, the St Patrick politician and businessman who died this past week.

Mr. Whyte was not perfect as many of us are, but he was a colourful person who never lived up to his full potential.

The records will show that at one time Mr. Whyte became the youngest person to be offered a seat in Parliament under Sir Eric Gairy, the Father of our 1974 Independence.

Sir Eric spotted the potential of this young man from the north of the island and brought him into the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) as a young and aspiring politician.

Mr Whyte was apparently too ambitious and before long he fell out with Gairy and this began his long sojourn in the political wilderness.

The St Patrick man had the potential to become a Prime Minister of the country but squandered the many opportunities that were presented to him to stand head and shoulder above many who aspired to occupy the most prestigious seat in government.

Our deepest condolences go out to his sons and daughters and other family members as he has now departed this life on earth to meet his Maker into whose hands his fate will be decided like all of us.

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