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Political opportunism!!!

Recent developments around the New National Party (NNP) of Keith Mitchell should not go unnoticed by those who are trying to understand the political landscape in the country.

The selection of a delegation from the party to attend its 40th anniversary celebrations in New York is rather interesting and the re-emergence of Dr. Patrick Antoine to offer advice to a key party official is not surprising but borders on political opportunism.

The selection of attorney-at-law Dwight Horsford on the delegation along with Emmalin Pierre and Peter David to accompany the former Prime Minister is a clear indication of where the NNP is heading.

THE NEW TODAY has been picking up information from those close to Dr. Mitchell that he and his deputy Gregory Bowen are giving their total and full support to Horsford and not David as the new face of the party.

The inclusion of David on the delegation is purely for window-dressing purposes in keeping with the mantra of Dr. Mitchell that “all hands are needed on deck” in going into an election battle.

Within weeks of the NNP loss at the June 2022 poll, there was evidence that Dr. Mitchell had no intention that the former Agriculture Minister and high profile General Secretary of the rival Congress party would succeed him as the new party boss.

The proof came from the NNP successful candidate in St Andrew North-west in the election, Delma Thomas who told a Town Hall meeting in her constituency that Dr. Mitchell had asked her to go out and “curse” Peter David and tell people that he wanted to mash up the party over his leadership ambition.

The female MP later took to the Parliament platform at a sitting to warn David that the Keith Mitchell/Gregory Bowen combination will soon be coming after him for declaring that he was interested in the top job in the NNP.

The problem for David is that he never seemed to understand that he can only reach the mountain top in his leadership ambition in NNP only through an endorsement from the aging former Prime Minister.

The former Agriculture Minister has not been able to make any inroads into the party in the past two years and Dr. Mitchell continues to rule with an iron-fist.

The NNP is similar in outlook to the now defunct Grenada United Labour Party (GILP) of the Father of Independence, the late Sir Eric Matthew Gairy. Mitchell is like what Gairy used to be in GULP.

Both Gairy and Mitchell were astute politicians and understood that in order to run things and remain in control of their respective parties, they had to be in charge of the purse strings.

Dr. Mitchell continues to be the main financier of his party and David who is also a major fundraiser has not been able to get an opportunity to take over as the person to go to where funding for the party is concerned.

When David was a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), he was indeed very powerful as he brought in the most money into the coffers of the party and was allowed to become “The Godfather” and the man who took care of the financial needs of the party.

The former Prime Minister has no use for David politically but will bide his time before finally pushing him aside and not become a disruptive element for the new NNP guards

Dr. Mitchell has a political playbook that has worked successfully for him over the years and is now using it on David to bring him along to New York to send a message of unity in the NNP Camp to the important Grenada Diaspora community there.

It is Horsford and Emmalin Pierre who are really being looked forward to as the New Face of the NNP of Keith Mitchell and Gregory Bowen and not the man some call “Pedro”.

THE NEW TODAY sees Horsford as the one who will become the new Political Leader of NNP and not Emmalin as she will not be able to stand up against Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell in a boxing ring in the upcoming general election.

Dr. Mitchell is shrewd enough to understand that Emmalin does not have the intellectual capacity to match the current Prime Minister but Horsford should not be under-estimated as he is an extremely bright person not only intellectually but in the field of law which is his profession.

Peter David should have gotten the message from Dr. Mitchell at a recent party meeting on the way forward when he informed all and sundry that the specially selected persons to help in the so-called re-organisation of the NNP will be the ones to select the delegates for the long overdue convention.

These are the persons selected by the Mitchell/Bowen Team and not “Pedro” to secure a particular outcome of the leadership issue.

On Dr. Patrick Antoine and his renewed flirtation with the NNP and setting his eyes on the St Andrew South-west constituency, this is nothing but rank political opportunism of its worst kind.

This is an individual who disappointed so many persons who were looking to him for new leadership with THE GRENADA MOVEMENT but left them high and dry by withdrawing on the grounds of health issues.

Dr. Antoine has apparently gotten back to full health and once again is trying to position himself to land a position as a candidate to contest a seat to get into Parliament.

However, he has to clear one major hurdle which many like him did not get from Dr. Mitchell – an invitation to fill up the form to become a member of the party.

Like Peter David, Dr. Patrick Antoine will never become the next Political Leader of NNP under the Keith Mitchell/Gregory Bowen combination.

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