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Not for sale!!!

Those three words can adequately describe the hallmark of our top flight broadcaster George Grant who died last week Monday and left behind a legacy that will be unmatched and unsurpassed by many colleagues in years to come.

Grant was one of the most respected members of the profession in Grenada and was the envy of many journalists as well as persons in high places with a ruthless ambition to bring the “free and independent” media under their control and wings.

There is absolutely no one in Grenada in the broadcasting field at the moment who can emerge within the next hour or two to fill the vacancy left by the untimely death of this media icon.

Grant was fiercely independent and never compromised or yielded a square inch to those who might have attempted to lure him with temptations of money.

THE NEW TODAY had an excellent working relationship with this commanding figure in the media and could vouch for his sincerity and integrity as a professional in the industry.

Those who were close enough to Grant might have been fortunate to hear from him very close-up as he gave give an account of attempts by those who tried to lure him into wrongdoing.

There is one particular incident in which a current member of the powers-that-be literally asked for a bribe in a project proposal that the broadcaster had submitted to government for approval as part of plans to expand on his small Grenada Broadcast media outfit.

In the words of Grant, the individual sat behind a government desk and listened to Grant outline his plans and at one point uttered the following words: “What’s in it for me?”

A stunned Grant could not comprehend what was happening in the discourse and asked the person – What do you mean by that?

The response came in a very stern voice – “You don’t seem to understand that I am asking what is for me in this deal”.

Grant had an opportunity to go along and give “a cut” to the high-up government official but backed off and walked away on the understanding that the proposal will only proceed if someone in authority did get what he wanted out of the deal.

This was the man called George Grant – not one who could have been corrupted and then used and abused.

THE NEW TODAY has every reason to believe that this outstanding and upright media icon was a cut above some of those in our profession who fell victim through greed for money in the pittance put before them by the powers-that-be as part of the strategy to control the local media.

This newspaper has heard a former Minister of Labour in the NNP administration referred to a top female journalist as “ungrateful” because that tape-recording which was made available to us portrayed that member of the media as one who used to “eat a food” almost on a daily basis from the ruling party.

George Grant was never about money but one who was committed to the noble profession of journalism.

He was not “a mercenary” as some of our own colleagues will refer to many of those who through greed for money betrayed the cause and calling of those who are prepared to soldier along the path of independence.

The Grenada Broadcast was a platform created by this National Treasure in the profession that was available to all and sundry including government, opposition and all sectors of the Grenadian society.

Unfortunately, Grant was treated badly by the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who seemingly has a policy of all those who do not give total and loyal support should be treated as “an enemy”.

It is no wonder that Mr. Grant was kept at arm’s length and denied of any financial assistance from the State.

Grenada Broadcast had provided a free service of Parliamentary Broadcasting of proceedings during the 2008-13 period in government of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

However, when Congress lost the election, the service of Grant was no longer needed and was replaced by party hack Andre Donald of Real FM in St. Patrick at a particular monetary price.

Grant was a very simple and humble man whose commitment was to a Grenada that could extol the virtues of Good governance and respect for law and order.

This humble journalist took many things in stride and never uttered a bad or nasty word against those who victimised him and did him wrong over the years especially the people now walking the corridors of political power in our country.

His remains were taken to the Grand Bras cemetery in the parish in which he was born and laid to rest quietly and peacefully in the manner in which he lived his life in service to humanity and not service for wealth and riches.

As a final tribute to this fallen soldier of the media profession, THE NEW TODAY would like to remember him through these simple words:-

George, your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure

You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure

He asked for so little, but gave so very much.

Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever

The sun has set on an amazing life.

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