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Not an easy road ahead!!!

Clear signs are emerging about a flurry of political activities taking place behind the scene with the actors having in their mind and thought the next general election which is constitutionally due in 2023.

The participants have become emboldened by events taking place in the country in recent weeks which have shown clear signs of the government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell wobbling at the feet and the pillar of the Green House might not be too strong despite its 15-0 victory in the 2018 general election.

The first event goes back to the early days of the pandemic especially with the mysterious night flights that brought in Chinese so-called investors which created deep suspicion in the minds of the people given the fact that the government remained totally silent on the issue.

Another issue that upset the people was the manner in which information was given out by the government in the disseminating of information in the early days of the virus and the sweeping powers given to the police who in some cases abused the power given to them to enforce the curfew.

In recent weeks, the people were able to rally together with one common cause and objective in mind to force the government to withdraw the Coronavirus Control Bill.

Another major issue that attracted national attention was the open defiance and rebellion by a section of the population to the ban on carnival-like activities a few weeks ago when hundreds assembled in Low Town in Sauteurs to engage in the playing of Jab Jab mas.

It is quite noticeable that young people played significant roles in both activities which would not have been misunderstood by the Prime Minister and the cadres within the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration.

This discord by the youth cannot escape the attention of the current rulers as PM Mitchell has been able to connect with this age group over the years and used them successfully against his political opponents to maintain a stranglehold on the political life of the country.

The message from the young people now is that at 74-years old, the Prime Minister is too old and should make way for younger blood.

This position of the young people is not directed only at Dr. Mitchell and his ageing outfit in NNP but also across the political spectrum including the main opposition National Democratic Congress.

The young people have also been sending a message to our politicians on the whole, that they are not prepared to settle for offers of Senatorial appointments since the Upper House in Parliament is a “Rubber Stamp” place but that they want to be in the kitchen where the decision-making takes place on national policies.

This open rebellion is also about money and seeking a better way of life not only because of the COVID-19 situation but the lack of opportunities provided by the Imani programme – the flagship initiative by the NNP to provide a job for young people.

THE NEW TODAY senses that our young people are no longer prepared to spend years on a job site with their qualification accepting a monthly stipend of $800 to $1500.00 dollars but looking for much more – as high as $3000.00 a month with their degrees.

It is this rebellion by the youth that some adults with an inclination to get involved in the political affairs of the country is watching and trying to capitalise and take advantage of in their own interest.

The young people are also totally against the policy directive of the NNP – the building of hotels and an IT platform that has failed and is meaningless to national development.

These political actors see an opportunity to take advantage of the situation that has presented itself out of the belief that the young people are leaderless at the moment and in dire need of political guidance.

These people who sense that there is a vacuum to be filled will have to first of all answer this important question as they seek to move ahead – what is your objective? Is the real intent to just replace the NNP in government or to unveil a serious national development agenda for the country?

Another important question to be answered is the following: What does launching a new group has to do with the current situation in the country? Also important is – who would comprise this new group? Are they rejected NNP’ites or persons who are disenchanted with Congress?

The people will closely examine all the entrants into the political arena to look at their credentials to determine whether the trust exist to hand over the country to anyone of them based on their policies and programmes.

It is foolhardy for anyone to believe at this stage that the NNP has been defeated and that a change is in the making where power is concerned for the governance of the country.

THE NEW TODAY holds a different perspective as Prime Minister Mitchell is still very much thirsty for power at 74 and will not hand over power to anyone including the aspirants within the Green House.

PM Mitchell has the power of the incumbency at his disposal and will use it to his full advantage plus the fact that he and no one else is in a better position to gauge the best date to call the election.

This coronavirus control bill that is still on the cards can give the NNP a decisive advantage in any early election as opponents of the regime will be restricted in terms of political movement to assemble and engage in political discourse in the coming months.

This newspaper is convinced that the only way this positive change in the political direction of the country can come into place is if all the actors are able to bring together the 20, 000 plus support base of Congress and another 15 – 20, 000 of the persons who did not vote for any of the parties in the last general election.

The only group with the potential to do this is the young people who are well poised to use their dominance on the Social Media platform to attract their colleagues to turn out in numbers in the next election if they are given a genuine and real opportunity to become co-equal partners in determining the future direction of the country.

The young people are now very active on Social Media and have been able to leave behind the NNP propaganda machine who had been able to dominate Facebook and Instagram in recent years.

THE NEW TODAY is warning all the actors to be mindful of the fact that the race to change the occupants on the Sixth Floor in the Botanical Gardens has not even begun and that the race will not be an easy one.

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