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New development on the home front!!!

The sudden resignation of the Florida-based Grenada Ambassador, Warren Newfield has brought to the fore the characteristics of the Keith Mitchell-led government that is now in charge of the affairs of the people of the Tri-island State.

The Ambassador has accused the ruling New National Party (NNP) regime of being anti-private sector and pointed to its treatment of two foreign investors from the West – WRB Enterprises of Florida in the United States in the Grenlec saga and the Rex Grenadian resort that was the subject of acts of hostility which ended up in the law courts.

It should be noted that there was no public outcry by Grenadians against WRB and its involvement in Grenlec but the pressure was brought on by Prime Minister Mitchell and his deputy Gregory Bowen primarily due to their big egos.

The contents of the Newfield letter can be found on the back page of this week’s edition of the E-paper under the headline, “Grenada Ambassador resigns with a stinging attack on the Mitchell administration”.

This development should not be taken lightly due to recent statements made by Egyptian businessman, Naguib Sawiris about the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) and suspicions in certain quarters that he is eyeing the facility to make a pitch for it.

Prime Minister Mitchell has lost his way as the leader of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique for some time now.

He is not attracting genuine foreign investors who are coming into the country and showing a willingness to integrate into the local community.

Several locals in the south have been reporting that they have lost access to a section of the Grand Anse beach as Security guards from Silversands will often order them to remove their clothing from some areas on the grounds that this is now private property.

Prime Minister Mitchell is seemingly attracting a set of greedy foreign investors who want to lay their hands on most of the valuable lands in the south of the island.

It is clear that Sawiris has local surrogates from the money class in the country who are trying very hard and are desperate to get for him all the lands extending from his resort right into the Catholic Church properties on the other end of the Grand Anse beach.

THE NEW TODAY is contending that Grenada has entered into a new phase of a class struggle with a Prime Minister who is backed by these rich and greedy businessmen and has abandoned the image of a Working Class leader.

After 25-years in power, the self-styled “Little Black Boy” from Happy Hill is allowing one class of people in the country to become millionaires over and over while the poor ordinary folks who turn up election after election to vote NNP are relegated to a life of pittance through contract work.

And it is in this context that THE NEW TODAY regards as foolish the decision taken by Senator Terry Noel to resign from the Senate this week to join the Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) known as The Grenada Movement (TGM) of Dr. Patrick Antoine.

In unity there is strength and the resignation of Sen. Noel sends a clear and distinct message of disunity in the ranks of the opposition forces in the country.

This was an opportunity given by the Leader of the Opposition to a young man with a university education to make a contribution at the national level in the Grenada Parliament and he abandoned the job after only ten months to join a NGO which is still to evolve into a full-fledged political party.

The electorate in Grenada are not fools and often punish those politicians who are considered as political grasshoppers.

The Ex-Senator needs to be extremely careful as he has already knocked on the doors of both the ruling party and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as part of his sojourn in the political arena.

It is the right of Dr. Antoine as any other citizen to offer himself to the Grenadian people for consideration to become the next Prime Minister of the country.

However, Dr. Antoine has to shake off a number of negatives including the fact that many persons view him as one who was too close to current Prime Minister Mitchell for comfort.

In addition, he has done or said nothing to date to prove to the people that he abandoned the House of the NNP by making the kinds of statements against the less than sound policies of the administration.

Dr. Antoine has been on the political hustling with the NNP for years and is fully cognisant of the fact that he cannot run a political party and hope to get into the important chair in the Botanical Gardens from his base in neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago.

He has to face up to the reality that a lot of political organisational work is needed among “The Masses” and time might not be on his side with elections due within the next 20-24 months.

THE NEW TODAY has a deep suspicion that reality will hit home to TGM that the only option available to remove the NNP Green Machine from power is through a Coalition of Opposition Forces to be headed by a leader who can gain the trust and confidence of the people.

It happened in 2008 under “Uncle Tilly” until the process was derailed by a bunch of so-called revolutionaries who believe that they were “the brightest thing in town” and engaged in infighting for power that quickly brought back memories of September-October 1983 when the Bernard Coard/Orel faction of the NJM moved against the popular Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.

THE NEW TODAY was forced to take a deep breath when one from the 1983 era made a telling statement a few days ago that NDC was just used as “The Vehicle” to get into office.

Is TGM now seen as the “New Vehicle” that a certain faction of the Grenada left are trying to push in front in order to end up in the Botanical Gardens?