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Need for Pro-active RGPF!!!

The recent spate of criminal activities in the country calls for a rapid response from the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) to send a strong message to the culprits.

It is well known that around this time of the year, the lumpen elements in the society can be expected to get active and engage in all kinds of illegal activities in the hope of laying their hands on easy money.

THE NEW TODAY is very concerned about what appears to be a limited number of cops seen around the place – a departure from what has been the norm over the years leading up to the Christmas holiday period.

There is just about every incentive for those criminal elements to strike especially at those retired public officers who are now the beneficiaries of the millions of dollars being paid out at the moment by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of new Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

The information in our possession is that some of these people have already started to take out money from their bank accounts in order to give their homes a badly needed facelift.

This is the kind of money that circulates back into the economy and helps the government to raise tax revenues to do the things that the State is often called upon to do for the people of the Tri-island State.

The Police Force has to be very mindful of its responsibilities to protect the people and their property at all times but more so around this time of the year.

This period calls for a much more proactive approach by RGPF to send a strong message to those who are thinking of engaging in illegal activities that it is not business as usual.

The person in charge of Operations within the force should have rolled out the usual Christmas programme by law enforcement for the protection of the State in the build-up to Christmas.

Under former Commissioner of Police James Clarkson, those hot spots in the country controlled by criminal elements would have been put under heavy manners and pressure with constant raids for illegal drugs, as well as arms and ammunition and other illicit activities.

The Police have at their disposal a number of things in their arsenal to help fight crimes in the country and not using them at the moment.

A pro-active force will use drones to sweep the city and other parts of the country in order to make those bent on creating havoc and fear in the society to understand that the police officers are “on the ball” to handle any situation.

The administrators in the Police Force need to take stock of things, especially the deployment of forces around the island at this time of the year.

Under the previous New National Party (NNP) administration, several persons were employed as Traffic Wardens so that persons attached to the Traffic Department can be engaged in other policing activities.

However, a casual visit to the city will see regular police officers and Traffic Wardens in the same area doing the same thing.

The Commissioner of Police needs to urgently address this matter and to ensure that the manpower at his disposal is better utilised.

THE NEW TODAY is convinced that police officers cannot complain that their new boss, Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell who is also the Minister of National Security has not given them a free hand to do their work and since regime change on June 23 very little changes have been made to personnel within the force.

If the lawmen squander the opportunity and force the Prime Minister to think otherwise and address their shortcomings by making fundamental changes then no one should accuse him of victimisation.

The Congress government should not rule out possible acts of sabotage within RGPF by elements who are supportive of the former Keith Mitchell-led regime and are resisting the change as a result of the outcome of the recent general election.

There are known elements within the Police Force who owe their position and rise within the organisation due to their affiliation with the NNP.

These persons would also feel emboldened by the frequent messages coming out from well-known quarters within the defeated Keith Mitchell government that Congress cannot last in office and that NNP will be back in power very early in the New Year.

This is just wishful thinking as the current lot in government is not beset by the kinds of difficulties that the then Prime Minister Tillman Thomas had to put up with in the 2008-13 period as those elements of the 1979-83 ill-fated Grenada Revolution brought back bitter memories of the Maurice Bishop/Bernard Coard infighting for control of the revolutionary process.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell does not look like an individual who entered the political arena to serve just one term in office and the NNP itself is not ready to be considered as a serious alternative with its aging leader unfortunately still the face of the party and with no signs of making way for a younger generation of leaders to emerge within the party.

The new government is also currently being bombarded by a vicious NNP propaganda machinery that is very similar to the days of the 1970’s when the Marxist New Jewel Movement (NJM) was laying the foundation for the eventual overthrow of the duly-elected Eric Gairy government.

The task ahead for NDC in the New Year to deal with this onslaught is to build on its party structure in order to erect a strong organisation rooted in the people so as to survive the onslaught of the Opposition who are unsure of some of the moves of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell.

The new Grenadian leader has no choice but to invite a group of outside forensic experts to come in and to get underneath the surface of many of the shady dealings of the previous rulers like the millions put at the disposal of the Faith Organisation that is linked to former Education Minister Emmalin Pierre and the CJ’s outfit that is owned and operated by the former Secretary to defeated Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.

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