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The details that are emerging from the Egmont shooting in which one man was killed and another left injured should be a very serious cause for concern not only for law enforcement officials but the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dickon Mitchell.

It is chilling to think that hired Professional Killers from Trinidad & Tobago came into the Spice Isle to carry out an execution.

The message is clear that anyone in Grenada who has a problem with another and has the financial means can easily bring in a Hit Man from our neighbour to the South to do a job for him on an opponent.

THE NEW TODAY has always been concerned about Woburn and those elements inside that community who have turned to the drug trade like some other Grenadians to fill their pockets with filthy ill-gotten financial gains.

Can you imagine that a 22-year old young man from Grenada would get caught up in this nonsense of aiding and abetting Gun Men from Trinidad to take the life of another person whom he does not know or someone who did him no wrong?

The information in the hands of the Police based on “the confession” from the suspect who was charged in connection with the shooting is that an imprisoned Drug Lord in Trinidad had ordered the operation into Grenada to take out a rival in the Drug Business.

The carnival provided the perfect cover to get the Gun Men into the country as it was not uncommon for thousands of non-nationals to visit the island for the August festival.

Our people should applaud the work of head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ryan Hall for the diligent job that was done to apprehend the Woburn man who was able to provide vital information on the armed attack that took place at Egmont.

The police had their own theory which differed from the one given to them by the suspect who is now behind bars at the Richmond Hill prison.

The most credible that was floating around in the immediate aftermath of the incident is that the shooting was linked to a family feud among parties living in the house at Egmont.

The CID investigators had reviewed the footage from the camera at the home in Egmont and were in no doubt that the deceased Delvon Thomas was familiar with the “Professional Killers” and felt he was part of an alleged plot to take out Linton Wharwood.

The video showed Thomas giving the “Thumbs-up” to one of the two Hit Men on arrival at the compound and showing him certain things.

It is clear that something went terribly wrong and the “Professional Killers” accidentally shot Thomas in the head.

This operation that was conducted in Grenada by the imprisoned Gang Leader in Trinidad points in the direction of the need for greater sharing of information among criminals between law enforcement officials between the two countries.

How come a major figure in the Drug Trade in Trinidad who is known as a Gang Leader was able to come into Grenada and our own Police Force had no knowledge of him?

The war on Terrorism has resulted in law enforcement officials paying greater attention to the Passenger List long before persons arrived in a country.

Did the law enforcement officials in Grenada take steps to run a few names with their counterparts in Trinidad & Tobago to find out if any of the persons coming into our country should be looked at very carefully and their movements closely monitored?

The Prime Minister and Minister of National Security should be thinking of acquiring the relevant equipment and technology from countries like Israel, the United States and Great Britain to help monitor our borders especially at night.

THE NEW TODAY is not advocating the spending of millions of dollars in purchasing the latest gadgets from these countries in their fight against “THE ENEMIES”.

It is a fact that these countries will have upgraded equipment that was in use 3 to 5 years ago and are no longer using them.

This is the kind of equipment that the National Security Advisor should be bringing to the attention of the Prime Minister to get from these countries at a very reasonable price.

It is quite possible that the equipment will be made available on conditions that Grenada meet certain conditions like paying to send a contingent of men to learn how to operate the equipment and to maintain it.

Is this too much of a price to pay to provide greater security for our people in light of the emerging signs that our neighbour to the South has enough Professional Killers waiting to get contracts to slip into our country and carry out illegal acts including executions?

Let us not continue to talk about Transformational Agenda and Science and Technology since the time is overdue for us to put money on the table to match our often spoken words.

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