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Keep KMAN out!!!

THE NEW TODAY will give full and total support to a decision taken by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell not to give permission to the controversial Trinidad artiste KMAN to perform on the island on February 6 – one day before our people celebrate 50 years of Independence.

The decision must be taken in the National Interest despite a commitment by St George’s to promote free movement of several categories of workers among member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Events in recent times show that this particular artiste is a time bomb with a price tag on his head by warring gangs in Trinidad & Tobago.

The fact is that an attempt was made as recently as December 27 to kill KMAN in an incident in which three of his associates died in a hail of bullets and he narrowly escaped death.

A few weeks earlier, hit men had launched an attack which left him and another close associate injured.

This is enough evidence to show that KMAN should be in hiding and keeping a low profile rather than accept a contract to perform at the CowPen in La Fillette, St Andrew.

The promoters of the show are also insensitive to bring in this artiste at this point in time given the well-publicised assassination attempts on his life.

It shows that both parties are prepared to put dollars in front of the safety and well-being of the people of Grenada.

The 19-month old Dickon Mitchell-led Congress administration must do everything possible to ensure that KMAN is kept out for now and to avoid the possible spreading of bloodshed on the eve of our 50th anniversary of independence.

History will never forgive the members of the Cabinet of Grenada for not acting in such a manner that our showpiece event will never be remembered as one with blood-letting.

This gem of an island has seen enough innocent blood being shed, especially the carnage that took place on October 19, 1983 on Fort George/Rupert when Prime Minister Maurice Bishop was executed by a rival faction within the then ruling New Jewel Movement (NJM) that created the Grenada Revolution.

The professional killers in Trinidad have shown no mercy to innocent bystanders in carrying out their orders to take out the life of anyone whom they are contracted to kill.

An open air performance at Cowpen by KMAN is a good and perfect opportunity to take care of him and in the process innocent Grenadians might also lose their lives.

There is also enough information circling about the ties between some local elements and their counterparts in Trinidad especially those associated with the rival Gangs like KMAN’s 6ixx and the Seven.

The police have in their possession a video in which a known character from St Juilles Street in the Town of St George is seen in Trinidad with members of one of the Gangs.

Information is also circulating that another key member linked to the Carenage Ghetto is linked to a Trinidad Gang.

It is clear that any Gang in Trinidad that wants to get at KMAN in his appearance at the CowPen will have persons on the ground in Grenada to aid them in carrying out the task.

The Carnival Monday incident at Egmont in which two professional killers from Trinidad moved into the island through Woburn to carry out an execution is a gentle reminder to the Security Forces of what is possible from these criminal elements.

It is imperative that the Congress government take action in the best interest of Grenada and inform the promoters of the show that KMAN “is too hot to handle” at this point in time.

The incident at the Boca Secondary school on Wednesday in which a knife and a toy gun was pulled by a student against another related to the singing of KMAN music is also a reminder of some of us “going the wrong way.”

THE NEW TODAY is suggesting that the government must refuse to grant work permits to any artiste who is promoting gangsterism and the gun culture to perform on the island.

The criminals must not be allowed to win this war against law and order and peace in our beautiful island.

THE NEW TODAY would also like to extend condolences to the Green family of H.A Blaize Street on the passing of the head of the household Simeon Green who has been a frequent contributor with letters to our newspaper over the years.

Mr. Green used his skills as a writer to highlight many ills in the society especially on the Carenage and in the Town of St George.

Grenada has lost a true and brave patriotic son of the soil and may the Memory of Simeon Green live on as a blessing to those of us in the newspaper business given his many noble and worthwhile contributions to help uplift our people.

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