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Independent investigators needed!!!

If ever there was a need for the Integrity Commission of Anande Trotman-Joseph to be pro-active is now in light of damning reports of widespread sexual abuse and molestation of our female officers and what appears to be institutionalised corruption within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

THE NEW TODAY has been doing its work to the best it can in bringing information to the attention of the public about those eight to ten senior officers who are nothing but sex predators and forcing Women Police Constables (WPC) into having sexual intercourse with them or run the risk of being punished for refusal to engage in these activities.

The Commissioner of Police held a meeting with all female officers just over a week ago where the subject matter was high on the agenda.

The major announcement coming out of the meeting was the setting up of a so-called “Focal Point” group headed by a female acting Superintendent of Police to gather information about the allegations levelled against these senior officers.

The Integrity Commission should step in now and take charge of the situation in order to save and protect the integrity of RGPF under its current head, Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin.

This so-called “Focal Point” is not an independent body and is without power to call in for questioning any officer higher than the Acting Superintendent of Police to be questioned in connection with allegations of sexual abuse against them.

It’s a sham to allow the police to investigate itself.

The evidence points in the direction of two members of the Police High Command who should be questioned including the one whose name is being called in the nude photo scandal involving a Traffic Warden at the Grenville Police station.

THE NEW TODAY is sending a strong message to the head of the Integrity Commission that if she wants to redeem herself in light of the MNIB investigation fiasco that she needs to take over the RGPF issue from Martin and set up an independent investigation team of reputable persons from outside the country to engage in a Duffus commission-type inquiry into the breakdown of law and order in Grenada in the 1970’s under late Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy.

There is currently in circulation on the worldwide web a document allegedly published by a group of female police officers which brings out clearly the anger of female officers with Martin and his plan to tackle the issue.

Under the headline, “POLICE WOMEN AGAINST SEXUAL HARASSMENT BY SENIOR POLICE OFFICERS”, the document reads: “We the female police officers are disappointed big time with the COP Edvin Martin for the way in which he is addressing the issue where those at the TOP pressure us into giving in to their sexual demands. We want the public to know that we are disgusted with the attitude of those in (Khaki) who day after day harass us.

We also want the public to know that we are not satisfied with the meeting he held at the Trade Center two weeks ago, it was just a sham. (In) the press conference last week, the COP made it look like those of us who complained thus far do not know what we are saying. He never addressed the issue of senior officers harassing us but focused only on junior officers which is a shame on him.

Mr. Martin, we know who are forcing us to hanky-panky with them and it is not any junior officers – IT IS THOSE OF YOU IN (Khaki). We want you to explain to the public which of you exchanged the explicit photos with the sexy Warden in Grenville? Which one of you love to offer opportunity for sex? Which one of you offering promotion in exchange for sex?

That is what we want you to inform the public about. Mr. Martin, you remember when you took office the promises you made? As it is now, all have been broken promises and you only think about yourself and your egos and not the female staff who are now subjected to the nasty habits of the same administrators who are responsible for taking care of us. We will not subject ourselves to the fancy of your fake measures you announced.

WE CALL ON YOU TO AGREE FOR AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION and we all as police women want you to know that the public will know of all your senior officers’ actions. We will not be concubines for no one.


This is sufficient evidence for Anande Trotman-Joseph to come forward in the national interest and save the day for RGPF.

THE NEW TODAY has been receiving increasing reports of institutionalised corruption within the police force including the manner in which traffic tickets will disappear when persons of influence and standing in the society are charged for committing an offence.

One credible report which is in circulation is about a senior member of the current administration who offered a female police officer a large sum of money to drop a sexually-related case involving a junior police officer.

This government minister could be charged for attempting to pervert the course of justice and other related offences.

There are reports that an individual who was once a key member of the Security Detail of the Prime Minister calling police stations and issuing instructions to senior officers to drop traffic offence cases against some persons in the country.

In addition, one other report among many points in the direction of the sudden transfer of a police officer who issued a ticket to a Senator in the current government.

Officers are also reporting that some members of the High Command are abusing their powers by using the finances of the State to hire vehicles and use them at night to run their sex rackets.

It is alleged that these High Command members will park their vehicles late at night at police headquarters on Fort George and then use these rented vehicles to move around undetected to engage in their nastiness.

THE NEW TODAY is not convinced that a proper and thorough investigation into the conduct of officers within RGPF will be done under the current administration since the police force has descended into an arm of the ruling party in its quest to turn Grenada into a one-party state.

The Keith Mitchell-led government has already succeeded with part of the plan to plant officers who are known supporters and sympathisers of the party into all the important and sensitive areas of law enforcement in the country.

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