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Guns, Drugs and Gangs!!!

The NEW TODAY is very concerned that several persons on the island are taking a very simplistic approach towards the ongoing war among the criminal elements in the society.

It is not uncommon to hear some citizens express the view that this is just a war among the various gangs and it is good for them to be just killing one another off which will result in less criminals in the country.

Are we losing our senses and are supporting the notion that any form of death is acceptable in our society. Are we losing our Christian sanity that we cannot give life and take away life? Are we on the point of turning ourselves into becoming beasts in the law of the jungle?

There is already an emerging trend that the new leaders who are now coming in the forefront of the illegal drugs and arms and ammunition trade are seemingly more ruthless than the ones that came before them.

The fact of the matter is that powerful forces with good connections in Grenada and outside the country are at work in aiding and abetting “the boys” that are leading the gangs that are now at work in almost every parish on the island.

The guns are widespread in the country and in the hands of some dangerous and cold-blooded youngsters who are now running the business on the ground.

If one of the players in the Underworld is to be believed, the first major shipment of guns came into the country by mistake a few years ago.

It is reported that a container load of guns that were intended for Trinidad landed on the St George’s port and remained there for some time.

The source said that it eventually left the Port and went to a location in the south of the island where the Trinidadians were able to send up some of their men to break into the container and remove a large quantity of the arms and ammunition.

The rest of “the stuff” remained on the island and fell into the hands of the criminal elements.

It is quite possible that some hands were “greased” at the level of the Port and Customs to allow the container to leave the port.

This is not new as the former New National Party (NNP) government of Keith Mitchell was able to use its agents at Customs and on the Port to get what is called “a pre-delivery” of a container that originated in Morocco with items for the 2018 general election.

Fingers are pointing at one major figure in the Underworld who is seeking to become “The Don of All Dons” and moving towards distributing guns to a number of persons who are under his control in the drug business.

This “Don Man” is said to be considered as the “Son” of the Vincentian Drug KingPin that was executed a few months ago in the Woburn area.

These are just some of the players in the lucrative business.

What about those in the public and private sector who are feeding off the illegal drug trade?

The corruption is widespread as “greedy people” who are considered as decent and honourable citizens are prepared to play along and “to eat ah food.”

The “bad elements” in the society are at an advantage in the face of a weak Police Force that has lost many of its seasoned and experienced crime fighters in recent years.

The former NNP regime was short-sighted as the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) did not have any serious succession planning in place especially in key areas like the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Special Branch.

Grenada is now left to face an illicit drug and arms and ammunition trade that is not only regional but international in context with limited resources.

The island is now a major drug transshipment point with thousands of kilos of cocaine passing through to make its way up to the north Caribbean with speed boats and other means with the lucrative U.S and European markets being the final destination.

A small quantity of cocaine is left behind but sufficient enough to help create confusion among the various Gangs operating in the country.

The battle is for turf on a tiny island as one group seeks to take control and to swallow up the smaller ones.

The situation is compounded by the fact that the deadly Gangs in Trinidad are also seeking to expand their operations into the Eastern Caribbean and Grenada is a prime target in helping to move “the goods.”

Is the current Ministry of National Security up to the task with the limited means at their disposal to combat those heavily involved in the amount of illegal activities taking place in the country?

The question can easily be answered – is there a network of CCTV Cameras around the place that the police can review to see the images of the execution early Sunday morning at Saigon?

The other question – where is our Coastguard when every Tom, Dick and Harry can point to those specific beaches and Gangs in the north of the island that collect “the illegal goods” coming into the country on a frequent basis?

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