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Facing the gun violence!!!

The execution of Arthur Braveboy in the early hours of Thursday is the latest twist in the turn of events between the so-called “Bad Boys” in the south and their rivals up town.

THE NEW TODAY is afraid that the two shooting incidents in the past 24 hours in Frequente in the south are linked and could see some reprisals if the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) do not crack down on those who are associated with the gang violence.

The evidence seems to suggest that a known character from the 4-Roads area ventured down into “The Bronx” which should be forbidden territory and carried out the first shooting.

Three hours later, Braveboy who is said to be on the side of “The Town” in the battle against the South went into “The Bronx” and was shot in the head at close range.

Underworld sources are hinting that one week earlier there might have been some kind of bad blood between the rival groups at the so-called Riverfest in Victoria, St Mark’s.

The information circulating is that the Police might not have laid their hands on the guns used by the perpetrators to carry out the criminal act.

With the gun amnesty now on, the police are fully aware that two illegal firearms are now in the hands of criminal elements in the country.

It should also be noted that the shooting incidents at Frequente came days after the police reportedly met with some of the persons known to be involved in the gang warfare.

The RGPF leadership must continue to engage these youngsters with a view to helping them to turn around their lives.

It is not an easy task as many of these youngsters have grown accustomed to making big bucks in a single night from their illegal activities that many of our hard working citizens cannot earn in a month.

These guys are not the uneducated type as many of them attended secondary school and dropped out at some point in time and are now major players in the Underworld of Crime.

It is our understanding that they have even developed a very sophisticated network to do their business under the very nose of the Police.

The information in some quarters is that the leaders of the Gangs have turned to a cadre of young women who are on the books earning a decent wage to help run some of the most illegal activities in their type of business.

One of the major weaknesses of these gangs is their thirst and lust for money as that makes them feel very powerful.

The RGPF leadership should seek to exploit this with a sting operation to hold the major players similar to what the U.S Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) did several years ago to bring in the La Potrie drug baron Diego Peters.

This was a drug dealer who was very confident that the local Police will never be able to catch him but was eventually trapped by the Americans who were on his trail for a long time.

It is also easy to conclude that the illegal drug, arms and ammunition trade that is taking place in Grenada is not being financed by “the Boys in the Ghetto” but by more powerful persons with the financial means who see an opportunity to cash-in on the business and using the small man as pawns in the game.

This was the case with the La Potrie Don as the DEA was able to discover that some high-up in the Grenadian society including a medical doctor was a major financier of the 45 kilos of cocaine that came into the country from Colombia.

It was these “big fishes” that the then Chief Magistrate Lyle St Paul kept beseeching the Police to go after and bring to his court to face the full weight of the law and not just the little boys in the Ghetto.

There has been rejoicing in many quarters of the country over the killing of Arthur Braveboy – the son of two persons once associated with RGPF – as he has been a troublemaker and lawbreaker for years.

Braveboy has had many skirmishes with the law including two shooting incidents – one on the Greens in St Paul and the other about a year ago on Melville Street in St George’s.

He seems to have had a fascination for guns and was not afraid to use the weapon to create fear and panic in the lives of many persons.

THE NEW TODAY believes that the Police are mindful of the need to arrest the recent upsurge in gun violence in order to protect Grenada’s reputation as one of the most peaceful islands in the Eastern Caribbean.

A bulletin recently put out by Canada rated Grenada very highly as a tourism destination for its citizens as compared to those other islands like Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana.

This should be uppermost in the mind of local law enforcement officials as they look at every means possible to make visitors and citizens continue to enjoy and to live in a peaceful environment.

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